Innovation Success moves onto New Collaborations on the Bright Red Digital Zone


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With the successful lauch of the Bright Red Digital Zone, the collaboration between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University moves on with several new projects, each with a strong focus on creating a major impact on creating a supportive online and book-based educational infastructure in Scotland for both N5 and Highers (N6).

Bright Red Publishing have already received awards and commendations for their digital integration, and aim to push forward with their plans on creating a fully supportive on-line environment, which is inclusive for all.

Three new projects, on the back of the SFC-supported  Innovation Voucher projects, are already planned, including work on the new Higher (N6) integration, two new R&D project submssions, and new project which aims to widen engagement within Computing Science in Scotland.

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Director of CDCS
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Innovation Manager / Project Manager
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Research Fellow
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