City Data Future - Interactions in hybrid urban space: the UrbanIxD Exhibition and Symposium


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The | City | Data | Future | exhibition speculates about the possible futures that city inhabitants might experience. The UrbanIxD project takes the view that cities in the future will contain a complex mesh of interconnected, heterogeneous technological systems. Technology will continue to evolve, and the data-reading and writing capabilities of cities will only increase, but mess and complexity will still be the background context.

Exhibition: 24th Sept – 7th Oct 2014.  

Symposium: Thursday 25th September 2014. 

Venue: Telecom Italia Future Centre in Venice, Italy.

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Associated people

Ingi Helgason
Research Fellow
+44 131 455 2750
Michael Smyth
Associate Professor
+44 131 455 2733
The UrbanIxD Cordination Action project will define and consolidate a coherent research community working in the domain of technologically augmented, data-rich urban environments; with particular focus on the human activities, experiences and behaviours
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