Research Team to Showcase Innovation Partnership with Bright Red Publishing at Learning Through Technology (LTT) Event


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Prof Bill Buchanan and Adrian Smales will outline the innovation partnership between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University at LTT 2014 at Dynamic Earth on Tuesday 29 April 2014.

Currently there are over 6,500 users registered for the Web infrastructure, and it supports a wide range of subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Modern Studies, Maths, English, HFT and French. Future plans for the collaboration are now underway for a range of further activities, including for native code mobile versions and for N6 (Higher) subjects.


The N5 Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) framework has been developed in Scotland, and aims to provide an integrated approach to studies in a wide range of areas.

The current work is funded jointly by Bright Red Publishing and a Scottish Funding Council (SFC) Innovation Voucher. It now includes an advanced processing system which automatically translates the contents of the book, associated material and tests into an advanced Web infrastructure.

The collaboration offers the perfect partnership for knowledge exchange, where Bright Red Publishing has a depth of knowledge in creating and publishing material for Schools, and the research team have extensive experience of creating advanced Web infrastructure, with the integration of deep learning methods.

The technology used to provide the Web infrastructure is one of the most advanced in the World, and has been completely build using the most up-to-date software development methods. Along with this the Web infrastructure uses the latest Cloud infrastructure provided by Escrivo (an Edinburgh-based SME).

The collaboration has already built one of the most advanced educational resources within Scotland for N5 CfE, and, over the next few months, cover most of the most popular subjects in the N5 syllabus. The project thus has the potential to make a major impact on Scottish society, especially in providing new ways for pupils to study, and re-enforce their learning.

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William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
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Adrian Smales
Research Fellow
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