Over Half-a-Million Minutes Watched for On-line Lectures


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The on-line lectures produced by Prof Bill Buchanan have reached over half-a-million minutes watched on-line. These lectures were produced as part of the lectures related to computer security, digital forensics, software development, networking, wireless systems, and other related areas.

Currently there are over 400 on-line lectures on Youtube, which aim to support a range of students in their studies, especially focused on distance and remote learners. A key objective, though, is to provide every learner with the same learning environment.

Two the most recent lectures, and which is being used in an undergraduate module, are Malware Analysis and Advanced Network Forensics.

Student feedback has show that these on-line lectures allow students to catch-up on key principles before assessments. Only with this research conducted by the team has shown that students mainly watch them after the face-to-face lecture, and then just before tests.

All of the lectures are supported by an extensive Web site: asecuritysite.com.

The research team at Edinburgh Napier University now aim to scale-up and provide an extensive training infrastructure with Web, video and Cloud support for a completely virtualised environment, but one which assesses the performance of the trainee, and gives itemized feedback on improvements that can make.

A range of training courses are already planned within the Cloud environment, including Mac Forensics, Network Investigations, Threat Analysis, Open Data Gathering, EnCase v7, Android Forensics, First Responder and Red v Blue Team.

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