Collaboration with Sitekit around Federated Identity, Trust and Governance


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A new innovation project has kicked-off between Sitekit and Edinburgh Napier University  around integrating the DALLAS Living It Up (LiU) architecture with the novel Trust and governance software ( developed using patent-pending technology.

Collaboration Details

At present Sitekit are working with the NHS to provide the foundation for a new eco-system within Scotland (DALLAS Living It Up – LiU), which has a project use base of several thousand users. This infrastructure will allow a range of organisations to provide health and social care services, which can be easily accessed by citizens and health care professionals. At present the infrastructure supports a few key services, but if it is to scale up, it is important to provide strong trust and governance, which clearly defines all the services, and the rights that a range of consumers would have.

Napier and their spin-out ( have patented technology which supports the integration of a strong trust and governance infrastructure, thus the main aim of this Innovation Voucher is to fully integrate Sitekit’s eco-system with the Trust and Governance Engine.


The aim is to integrate the current e-Health Web-based infrastructure with the Trust and Governance Engine.


The scope of the project is to define the current system ontology, with a definition of domain structure for roles and to create the rights to access health and social care service, and implement this, as governance rules.

About Sitekit

Sitekit is dedicated to the development of eHealth solutions that bring real benefits to both personal users and healthcare professionals. Having established a reputation as a high-quality provider of portal sites to the NHS, with over 70 organisations using the company’s software, Sitekit leveraged that expertise to develop the next generation of eHealth applications.

Working in partnership with Microsoft, Sitekit is developing the UK’s first online Personal Child Health Record (ePCHR), the eRedbook, a citizen-owned application that allows parents to effectively monitor their child’s healthcare from day one.

The company is also participating in three Technology Strategy Board projects including two DALLAS (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles At Scale) communities, Living it Up and Year Zero: delivering projects aimed at empowering the user in the management of their own healthcare, clinical commissioners and providers.

Sitekit’s proven track record provides a firm foundation for business growth and opportunity within the eHealth sector, an opportunity Sitekit is confident will be successfully exploited through the development of eHealth solutions that bring real benefits to both personal users and healthcare professionals.

The current project is funded by a Scottish Funding Council (SFC) Innovation Voucher.

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Associated people

William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
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Adrian Smales
Research Fellow
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Niall Burns
Senior Software Consultant
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