New Innovation Collaboration aims to Secure Remote Working using Patent Pending Technology (IMP)


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A new collaboration between Edinburgh Napier University and Silver IMP aims to apply existing patent pending technology for targeted marketing, into secure working, where documents can only be accessed based on the location of the user.

Bonne Lawson-Brown, who has led the innovation, defines that "The application of our technology supports remote worker, where organisations could set the locations that workers could gain access to documents, based on trusted locations. At present we have a full demonstrator based on pushing information to mobile devices based on their location, and this technology will scale well to secure remote working."

Prof Bill Buchanan outlines "The Silver IMP technology addresses a key area of location-based information, where the Silver IMP product has proven its application. A natural extension to this is to try and address one of the key issues at the present time for many companies, which is the increasing mobility of their workforce. I could see a time where organisations defined places that were trusted for their workers to go to, in order to gain access to corporate documents."

The work is funded by a Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher, and aims to define a range of use cases within remote working, including within the finance industry, and health and social care.

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