Tech-Talk: Cans, Cascades, Coral, Crucible and Crowdfunding, Prof. David Corne, Heriot-Watt University

20/02/2013 H18, 2pm-3pm

Tech-Talk: 20th February 2013

Title: Cans, Cascades, Coral, Crucible and Crowdfunding

Prof David Corne, Heriot-Watt University


Coral reefs embrace the planet and support the livelihoods of half a billion people, but they are threatened from several directions, and it tends to be an overwhelmingly slow and dangerous task to protect them. An interdisciplinary team at Heriot-Watt has recently obtained seed funding for an exciting way to deal with this problem, by combining autonomous underwater robotics,  swarm intelligence, and
marine biology. At the same time we are gearing up to address, in a similar way, other marine threats, such as litter, which kills millions of animals and birds annually.
It's too early to show much in the way of progress yet, but in this talk I will discuss the germination of the project, the remarkable  (and continuing) interest from the media,
and what we are doing with the seed funding, which includes
considering crowdfunding as one way forward.
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