Tech-Talk: Designing trajectories in a large-scale permanent augmented reality installation, Stuart Reeves (University of Nottingham)

01/02/2013 2pm-3pm, H18

Tech-Talk: Designing trajectories in a large-scale permanent augmented reality installation

Stuart Reeves (Research Fellow at Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham)


This talk describes a long-term naturalistic study that reveals how artists designed, visitors experienced, and curators and technicians maintained a public interactive artwork over a four year period. This artwork, Flypad, is a collaborative augmented reality game running across eleven networked displays (screens and footpads). Reflections on design meetings, documentation and observation work shows how the artists responded to this architectural setting and addressed issues of personalisation, visitor flow, attracting spectators, linking real and virtual, and accessibility, as well as how visitors experienced the gallery. Interviews with curators and technicians reveal how the work was subsequently maintained and ultimately reconfigured. Through this, we explore and extend HCI concepts of 'interactional trajectories' and the relevance of this for describing collaboration in cultural settings.


Stuart Reeves is a Research Fellow at Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham; he is also affiliated with the Mixed Reality Lab (School of Computer Science). He is primarily interested in the study of interactive technologies situated in public and semi-public settings, and their design. In his work he has been involved in developing, deploying and evaluating interaction in a variety of settings such as museums and galleries, crowded urban locations, and artistic or performance events taking place anywhere from city streets to dedicated venues. Much of this work has focussed on the roles of spectators, bystanders and audiences and is documented in his book Designing Interfaces in Public Settings, published by Springer.

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