IIDI-SoC Tech-Talk: Measuring Fun, Prof. Janet Read, University of Central Lancaster

10/10/2012 F29, 2pm-3pm

                IIDI-SoC Tech Talk

                  Measuring Fun

Prof. Janet Read, University of Central Lancaster

 Building fun into an interface is not straightforward and the evaluation of the fun therein placed is a need if the designer is to be able to assess his or her success.  This talk presents some new insights on the use of survey methods to enable users to evaluate products for fun and then maps these findings onto other literature in this area and draws some new conclusions about how fun can be measured and how fun can be designed


Janet Read is a Professor in Child Computer Interaction and is the Director of the Child Computer Interaction (ChiCI) research group at UClan who is internationally known for her work on designing and evaluating technologies for children as well as for her work on text input with digital ink. Prof. Read joined the University in the late 1990s having previously worked as a Maths teacher in the secondary school sector.  With her change of career she undertook a PhD in handwriting recognition, children and the writing process, and this led her into the research areas that she now populates; namely interaction design for children and general HCI in the area of writing and novel technologies.
Her work with children as users of interactive technology helped to define a new research field and she has authored over 70 articles in the area of child computer interaction.  She is chair of the International IFIP TC13 SIG on Interaction Design and Children and the Child Computer Interaction Community Chair for the prestigious ACM CHI Conference series.   She has co-authored a key Elsevier text on Evaluating Children’s Technologies.
In the areas of novel interactive technologies, much of her work has also focussed on children, especially on technologies that support the writing process.  Her work on digital ink and children is especially well known and she has a long time collaboration with Vision Objects in France, a company specialising in delivering handwriting recognition solutions. 
At UCLan, Prof. Read directs the ChiCI group and acts as a PI on several European and Research Council projects.  Recent projects include UMSIC (EU FP7), SELEAG (EU LLLP), and Mad4Nrg (RCUK). 

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