IIDI Tutorial:Design Principles for Information Visualization, Prof. Jessie Kennedy

02/05/2012 2pm, F29

Information visualisation is an engaging topic and cool images can be a powerful lure with their use  becoming widespread in presentations, websites, newspapers and analytical tools. However what makes an effective information visualisation? This tutorial will present the fundamental principles of graphic design and visual communication that will help you create more effective interactive and print visualisations. 

The tutorial will demonstrate the application of perception in information visualisation design and show how we can be influenced by different designs.  You will learn how the purposeful use of salience, colour, consistency and layout can help communicate large data sets and complex ideas with greater immediacy and clarity. Examples of the power of interaction with information visualisation will also be demonstrated.


By the end of the tutorial, I hope you will be convinced of the benefits while being aware of how best to communicate your message.

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Associated people

Emma Hart
Director of CEC
+44 131 455 2783
Jessie Kennedy
Dean of Research and Innovation
+44 131 455 2772
Information Visualisation
Information visualisation is the use of enhanced Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to communicate and interact with complex data sets such as social networks, multiattribute tables, and financial data. Pages of text and numbers are not the most effective way to communicate or understand information.