IIDI Seminar: Social Information Research

16/03/2012 2pm-3pm, D40

Social Information Research

Professor Gunilla Widén, Information, Studies, Åbo Akademi University, Finland


Information that we receive from one another and create together within our social networks is becoming increasingly important in our everyday and professional lives. We can study the social context of information creation and dissemination both as human group behaviour, and by examining the tools and technological innovations that support networking activities. Social information behaviours can be  explored in general in the tradition of  information behaviour research. More precisely activities such as social information retrieval, social search, social bookmarking and other social recommendation systems, and the co-creation of information merit consideration.

In this seminar Professor Gunilla Widén will outline the purpose and content of Social Information Research, a new book that she is co-editing with her colleague Kim Holmberg, and which is due to be published by Emerald in Autumn 2012. The monograph gathers together current research on  different aspects of social information, with an emphasis on the innovations that support information behaviours. Here several relevant disciplines and research themes are brought together, including information science, social media and business organisation.

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