IIDI Seminar: Cloud Computing: Be part of the next generation ... teaching and research in the Cloud

21/03/2012 2pm-3pm, F29

Title: Cloud Computing: Be part of the next generation ... teaching and research in the Cloud


Cloud Computing is perhaps one of the most fundamental things that has happened in our industry for the last decade. It can provide many advantages within teaching and research, including supporting distance students, and in creating dynamic, scalable and robust research infrastructures.

At the present time, the School and the Institute has created state-of-the-art Cloud infrastructures, along with developing extensive knowledge which can be used within teaching and research. This presentation outlines some of the existing infrastructures and how these could be used to enhance teaching and research. It includes:


1.       Napier Cloud. Bill Buchanan. This is a newly updated infrastructure using the state-of-the-art VMware vSphere 5.0 platform, and is currently being used within security and digital forensics teaching. The infrastructure aims to support 100s of students within real-life commercial infrastructures.

2.       Linux Zoo. Gordon Russell.

3.       e-Health Platform (Creation and Development). Lu Fan/Elias Ekonomou/Owen Lo. This will outline how the e-Health Platform has been created using a Microsoft ASP.NET infrastructure, using a Service-Oriented Architecture (SoA) on the Flexiant Cloud.

4.       Integrating APIs for dynamic creation and customisation of instances. Flavien Flandrin/Richard Macfarlane. This present will outline the current research in dynamically creating ever-changing instances for students to learn from.

5.       Edinburgh Napier’s Amazon Academy. The School is currently a Amazon Academy, and we receive credits within the Amazon Cloud. While this is a public cloud, it does offer many advantages in supporting students, or within research activities.

 There will be live demos of all the infrastructure, and documentation on how you might integrate with these activates.



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