Security Expert to give Guest Lecture on Penetration Testing

02/02/2012 07/02/2012

Guest Lecture: David Stubley, 7Elements

Title: Security Testing - Be Careful what you ask for…

Date/Time: 10am, Tuesday 7 Feb 2012, B.2 (Merchiston)


We need to have a common language to communicate effectively and this is no different within Information Security. This presentation looks to define what is commonly referred to as 'Penetration Testing' and by doing so empower individuals to understand what they are asking for. More importantly we will look at what happens when you don’t get what you wanted but what you actually asked for!



David has 11 years of experience within the technical security market and has gained a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise through the delivery of technical security testing and managing large penetration testing programmes. In addition to this David has experience in providing technical expertise to high profile security incidents. David's specialist skill is bridging the gap between technical teams and senior management. David is an active member of the wider security industry, where he has worked to improve the understanding, use and development of security testing. He is an Industry Committee member of the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) and has regularly presented on the subject of information security and its many facets.



·         Incident Response.

·         Information Assurance.

·         Vulnerability Assessments.

·         Penetration Tests.

·         Risk Management.


At all levels from technical to strategic.

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