IIDI Seminar: Public Engagement: Why, How and What's in it for Me?

08/02/2012 2pm-3pm, F29

Title:  Public Engagement: Why, How and What's in it for Me?

Ingi Helgason and Jessie Kennedy

Universities and researchers are increasingly being encouraged to carry out public engagement activities. These activities are often included as specific work tasks within funded research projects. But who is the public and how do we go about this engagement? What is the benefit of communicating our research work to others, and how do we ensure that we gain maximum impact and achieve successful outcomes? Using examples from recent European research projects, this seminar will unpick some of the many questions around this activity so that we can more confidently devise effective public engagement strategies.

What's in it for me ?

IIDI have been allocated £3000 from the University to facilitate public engagement within IIDI this academic year.
Jessie Kennedy will briefly outline the process by which people can apply for some of this money and outline what it can/can't be spent on.

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