Green IT and the Design of Energy Aware Networks. Prof. Erol Gelenbe, Imperial College London

05/12/2011 8th December, 2pm, H5

Green IT and the Design of Energy Aware Networks
While in 2007 ICT already accounted for 2% of the world's Carbon Imprint, similar to the impact of air travel on CO2 emissions, in 2020 the total CO2 emissions are expected to attain 1.43 Billion Tonnes, growing at an annual rate of 4%. Just over 50% of the 2020 total will be related to personal computing and personal devices, while a good 25% will be due to networks, with a little less than 25% being the responsibility of data centres. This is predicted to happen despite the greater efficiency each year of the computers, digital processors and network equipment that we are using. To do better than this, research is needed. Our recent work shows that smart management of computer and network resources, without turning them off, can lead to significant reductions in overall energy consumption in ICT. Our talk will point out to promising directions to achieve these savings.
Speaker's Bio:
Erol Gelenbe is Professor in the Dennis Gabor Chair, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Imperial College London. Erol is one of the founders of the field of computer system and network performance analysis. He is the Head of Intelligent Systems and Networks Research Group, Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College.
Erol created Performance Evaluation research in France at INRIA and Universities, and has had worldwide impact including the UK with seminal research on the performance of computer systems and networks. His books are published in English, French, Japanese and Korean. A Fellow of both IEEE and ACM, and of IET, he was awarded the ACM SIGMETRICS Life-Time Achievement Award in 2008. He won the IET's Oliver Lodge Medal in 2010. He is also known for introducing the theory of G-networks in the 1990s, and launching the field of autonomic communications with his work on Self-Aware Networks in the 2000's with the Cognitive Packet Network.
His team recently developed the Distributed Building Evacuation Simulator for emergency planning and management. He is also active in the field of Green IT winning two best paper awards in 2011, as well as in bioinformatics.
A native of Turkey, Erol was the first computer scientist to receive the Prix France Telecom award in 1996. He was later elected to membership of the Hungarian and Turkish Academies of Science, and the French National Academy of Engineering. Awarded Honoris Causa doctorates by several European universities, he received the Commander of Merit and Grand Officer Medals from Italy, and the Cross of Officer of Merit from France.
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