Art-science: reflections on the interface between arts and sciences (Dr Dave Murray-Rust)


Art-science: reflections on the interface between arts and sciences  

Dr Dave Murray-Rust, University of Edinburgh


At present, there is a lot of interest in inter- and trans-disciplinary work between arts and sciences. Often, the impetus for this comes from the artistic sphere, as ways to present, explain and hold accountable science in the public sphere. In this talk, I am going to speak, predominantly as a scientist, about several projects which occupy different places on the spectrum from art to science, involving music, artificial intelligence and physics. I'm then going to reflect on how my personal motivations and desires from these examples relate to the wider world of art-science and the "logics of interdisciplinarity" which provide impetus for this kind of work, and how to get the most out of work in this area.

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