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Digital engagement report published
Peter Cruickshank and Bruce Ryan today publish their report on workshops on digital engagement for Community Council and Registered Tenant Organisation members. Key findings include CCs’ frequent lack of human resources, without which digital engagement their citizens is a non-starter.
27/01/2016 27/01/2016 Other Event
Peter Cruickshank and Bruce Ryan’s work around internet use by Community Councils was praised by Marco Biagi MSP (Minister for Local Government and Community Empowerment) at a Fairer Scotland event for Community Councils on Wednesday 16 September. A full report is here.
24/09/2015 11/09/2015, Glasgow Other News
IIDI researchers will host a series of digital engagement workshops for community councillors
We will be facilitating four workshops around digital engagement for community councillors (CCs) across Scotland. The primary purpose of this programme is to use a community of practice model to extend networking, problem elucidation and solving opportunities to more CCs.
03/06/2015 Autumn 2015 Other Event
Following on from their recent and ongoing work on use of online communication by Scottish Community Councils (CCs), Peter and Bruce have been funded to study how three neighbouring CCs improve their engagement with their citizens.
10/07/2014 Funding
Staff in IIDI's Centre for Social Informatics have published the results of a survey of over 1500 Scottish community councils. Scottish Community Councils online: a survey shows that under a quarter (22%) of Scottish community councils maintain an updated online public presence.
06/11/2012 Other News
Ella Taylor-Smith gave a presentation at ePart 2012: fourth international conference on eParticipation (ePart 2012) held in Kristiansand, Norway. The presentation gave an overview of ideas from the paper Participation Spaces, which is published in the conference proceedings.
05/09/2012 Invited Presentation
Peter Cruickshank on panel discussing social media at the Festival of Politics
As part of the Festival of Politics Peter will on a panel on Thursday August 25 discussign the topic "Has Twitter changed the world? Social media and Scottish politics". The thrust of the debate is to consider whether the use of Twitter (and other social media) by participants in events such as the...
03/06/2011 Invited Presentation
Successful conclusion to EuroPetition project
On 23 March, Peter Cruickshank represented Edinburgh Napier University, presenting the evaluation of the EuroPetition project. The evaluation used socio-technical concepts to ensure that the impact on citizens' self-efficacy was central to the work done.
06/04/2011 Other News
In Government Computing interview Peter Cruickshank emphasises the need for human support for e-petitioners
In an overview of e-petitions in the latest issue of Government Computing, Kable (part of the Guardian Media group) surveyed experiences and practices across the UK, including the positive experience of the e-petitioning system which the ITC helped design with the Scottish Parliament.
02/02/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
ITC presentation on e-petitions and online deliberation to Bundestag delegation
Peter Cruickshank, Colin F Smith, Ella Taylor-Smith, Valeri Wiegel: ITC presentation on e-petitions to Bundestag delegation Peter, Colin and Ella have been invited to make a presentation of their experiences with e-petitioning and e-democracy generally to a delegation of MPs and officials from the...
01/02/2011 Invited Presentation
Ella Taylor-Smith participates in eParticipation workshop at EU Commission
Ella Taylor-Smith was invited to speak at the ePractice workshop on eParticipation in Brussels on 7th December, 2010. As the snow caused flights to be cancelled, Ella presented remotely over the phone. The focus of the presentation was eParticipation in science and technology topics -specifically...
07/12/2010 Invited Presentation
HUWY workshops in Edinburgh, London and Donegal
The International Teledemocracy Centre's HUWY project: have been holding workshops to get young people and policy-makers more involved in this project, which aims to get young people involved in policies to do with the Internet.
30/07/2010 Other Event
Researchers from ITC presented work to the Research Division of the Assembly of Kosovo as part of their study visit to Scottish Parliament.
As part of the work of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo to enable the exchange of experience from countries of the region, a delegation from the Kosovan Assembly visited the Scottish Parliament in the week of 10 May, and CSI was invited to present the work of the International Teledemocracy Centre in...
12/05/2010 Invited Presentation
HUWY information seminar at Ministry of Justice
As part of the project ( a seminar was organised to promote the project to people working within relevant UK government ministries and youth organisations, working in youth engagement, based in London. The seminar was hosted by HUWY project partner, the Ministry of Justice.
17/02/2010 Media and Outreach Activity
HUWY event: Young people’s experience and advice on Internet Policies
On Thursday, 3rd December, the HUWY project held a very successful event at Edinburgh’s eScience Institute to mark the beginning of the interactive phase of
03/12/2009 Media and Outreach Activity
The International Teledemocracy Centre hosts successful workshop to establish baseline for e-Participation in Scotland.
The International Teledemocracy Centre (which is part of the Centre for Social Informatics in the School of Computing) recently hosted a very successful ESRC funded workshop to establish the baseline for eParticipation in Scotland.
23/12/2008 Media and Outreach Activity