News (Interaction Design)

SICSA workshop: Future Cities: The Economy of Collaboration Following on from the SICSA Future Cities “Bottom-Up” Workshop 2014, this one-day event will return to explore current and future initiatives in grassroots future cities, focussing the role of digital technologies and the collaborative...
01/03/2017 2nd March 2017, Dundee Invited Presentation
Higher Drama Goes Live As Collaboration Goes From Strength-to-Strength
The collaboration between the School of Computing and Bright Red Publishing continues to thrive with a new research project (details to follow) and the release of Higher Drama on the Bright Red Digital Zone: At present the collaboration has created 20...
14/02/2017 Media and Outreach Activity
Higher Spanish - With Natural Langauge Speech Processing - Goes Live on the Bright Red Publishing Digital Zone
Real-time Speech Processor After the release of N5 Spanish, N5 French, and N5 German, the collaboration between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University now sees the roll-out of a natural language speech processor for Higher Spanish.
31/10/2016 Other News
Augusto is an invited speaker at the ACM SIGGRAPH '16
Augusto Esteves is an invited speaker at the ACM SIGGRAPH '16 ( SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest, most influential annual event in computer graphics and interactive techniques: Five days of research results, demos, educational sessions, art, screenings, and hands-on...
28/06/2016 Invited Presentation
Augusto was awarded a Carnegie Research Incentive Grant
Augusto Esteves was awarded a Carnegie Research Incentive Grant ( Research Incentive Grants aim to support short research projects, either of a stand-alone nature or in the form of an initial study that could be...
28/06/2016 Funding
RBS approached Dr Oli Mival, Principal Research Fellow in the Centre fro Interaction Design, to undertake a program of review of their UX activities and methods with the aim of improving their design research practice. Dr Mival will spend 6 months part time embedded within the various teams at RBS...
15/06/2016 Other News
The ACM Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) conference is a top tier internationally renowned conference in the area of Interaction Design and UX attracting over 300 participants from leading international research institutes and industry including MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Google, Facebook, Adobe and...
15/06/2016 June 10-14 2017 Conference Organisation
Augusto Esteves was invited to deliver a seminar at the University of St. Andrews. The invitation was put forth by Dr. Miguel Nacenta of the St. Andrews HCI Research Group (SACHI), and will take place on the 20th of September, 2016.
13/06/2016 Seminar
The MAZI project was an exhibitor at the Netfutures 2016 conference in Brussels in April. The conference, attracting over 1,000 attendees, aims to maximize competitiveness of the European technology industry. The event involved people working in Research & Innovation, Market Validation &...
21/04/2016 April 20 & 21. Brussels. Exhibition
Augusto Esteves joined ACM's ISS '16 as Program Committee member.
Augusto Esteves joined the 2016 ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS '16) as Program Committee member. ISS '16 website
08/03/2016 Conference Programme Committee
Economia magazine approached Dr Mival to provide his thoughts on future trends in the design and development of workspaces and offices of the future. You can read the full article at the link below:
04/02/2016 Media and Outreach Activity
The Centre for interaction Design has been awarded first prize in a competition run by VisitScotland to design a novel digital experience for the year of Innovation, Design and Architecture, 2016. The Centre will receive £16000 to help with student development and a design agency will be appointed...
29/01/2016 Award
Augusto was invited to showcase his latest work at BBC's Click.
Augusto was invited to showcase his latest work on BBC's Click, a weekly TV show covering news and recent developments in the world of consumer technology. Augusto demonstrated Orbits, a novel gaze interaction technique that enables hands-free input on smart watches.
05/12/2015 Media and Outreach Activity
Kim Halskov and Peter Dalsgaard from the University of Aarhus in Denmark visited to discuss future collaborations.
13/11/2015 Other News
David Benyon has been invited to talk at the Connected Stores conference in London in May 2016 This is the UK's largest conference on the future of retailing attracting many of the UK's high street stores.
29/10/2015 London Invited Presentation
The centre for interaction design is hosting Ganix Lasa from Innovation in Industrial Design - Design Innovation Center DBZ Mondragon Unibertsitatea from October to February. Ganix will be working on a number of projects in CiD.
30/09/2015 External Visitor
David Benyon gave an invited keynote address to the International Symposium on Companion Technologies at Ulm in Germany
24/09/2015 Keynote Speaker
David Benyon was invited to talk to the user expereince design team at Marks and Spencer's London office on user experience
03/07/2015 London Invited Presentation
Andrea Resmini from Jonkoping University, Sweden visited CiD to discuss cross channel user experience
24/06/2015 External Visitor
David Benyon has been asked to give one of the keynote talks at the International Symposium on Companion Technologies in Ulm In September.
25/05/2015 September 24th Ulm, Germany Keynote Speaker
David Benyon was one of two international contributors invited to the Swedish Workshop on the Future Office and Jonkoping University.
25/05/2015 Jonkoping, May 6th 2015 Invited Presentation
Ingi Helgason invited to join programme committee for UbiComp15 workshop: 1st Workshop on Full-Body and Multisensory Experience in Ubiquitous Interaction
The aim of the 1st Workshop on Full-Body and Multisensory Experience in Ubiquitous Interaction is rediscovering the role of human body and senses, focusing on abilities that are often forgotten by the HCI designers, in order to provide new body experiences through the design of novel interactions...
11/05/2015 September 8, 2015, Osaka, Japan Conference Programme Committee
Michael Smyth has been invited to participate at the 3rd EINS summer school: From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens, in Volos, Greece in July 2104. He will work with colleagues from the Universities of Berlin and Split on the subject of Participatory Urban Interaction Design.
13/07/2014 Volos, Greece Invited Presentation
UrbanIxD project featured on Croatian national television
The UrbanIxD project's exhibition; City | Data | Future, was featured on a recent broadcast of "Kulturni kolodvor", the Croatian cultural news programme. The exhibition was previewed in Split, Croatia before heading to Venice in September.
11/07/2014 Split, Croatia Media and Outreach Activity
UrbanIxD project exhibition preview in Split, Croatia
The UrbanIxD team is doing a trial run of the City | Data | Future exhibition in Split, Croatia, on July the 3rd. In the gallery of The City Museum of Split, in the old city centre, as a preview of the exhibition, eight selected works will be shown.
01/07/2014 Split, Croatia 3rd - 17th July Exhibition
Workshop at NordiCHI 14 conference in Helsinki - Making Places: Visualization, Interaction and Experience in Urban Space
This is an interdisciplinary workshop encouraging dialogue between researchers, technologists and design practitioners who are interested in forming continuing collaborative links. Emerging technologies are providing new ways of experiencing information in urban space and, consequently, creating a...
27/06/2014 : 26 October 2014, Helsinki, Finland Other Event
Michael Smyth will give a presentation at the Connecting Cities Urban Media Lab Symposium in Brussels in June.
14/06/2014 Brussels Invited Presentation
Innovation Success moves onto New Collaborations on the Bright Red Digital Zone
With the successful lauch of the Bright Red Digital Zone, the collaboration between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University moves on with several new projects, each with a strong focus on creating a major impact on creating a supportive online and book-based educational infastructure...
03/06/2014 Other News
City Data Future - Interactions in hybrid urban space: the UrbanIxD Exhibition and Symposium
The | City | Data | Future | exhibition speculates about the possible futures that city inhabitants might experience. The UrbanIxD project takes the view that cities in the future will contain a complex mesh of interconnected, heterogeneous technological systems.
26/05/2014 Other Event
Business Management goes live on the Bright Red Publishing Digital Zone
After the release of English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Modern Studies, French, Geography, and HFT, the collaboration between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University will see the release of two new online Zones for Business Management and History.
08/05/2014 Other News
Bright Red Publishing Digital Zone Awarded Innovation Excellence Award
Bright Red Publishing's innovative Digital Zone has been awarded an Innovation Excellence Award by the Stationers' Company. The award will be presented on 30 June 2014. Overall the work has involved a partnership with the research team at Edinburgh Napier University, and has focused on creating a...
06/05/2014 Other News
Research Team to Showcase Innovation Partnership with Bright Red Publishing at Learning Through Technology (LTT) Event
IntroductionProf Bill Buchanan and Adrian Smales will outline the innovation partnership between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University at LTT 2014 at Dynamic Earth on Tuesday 29 April 2014. Currently there are over 6,500 users registered for the Web infrastructure, and it supports a...
23/04/2014 Other News
Unique Partnership sees over 6000 Pupils Register for Innovative Education Site
The partnership between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University continues to showcase the best of knowledge transfer, with over 6,000 pupils registered on the innovative Digital Zone. The Web infrastructure includes a number of innovative features, including automated parsing of the...
06/04/2014 Other News
Michael Smyth and Ingi Helgason run a workshop on Dark Data with Design Students at Norwich University of the Arts.
Michael Smyth and Ingi Helgason ran a 2 day workshop with students from the Norwich University of the Arts on the topic of Dark Data: Hidden Meaning in the Future Hybrid City. Michael also gave two presentations, the first to UG students and the second to Research Staff & Students.
13/03/2014 Norwich, UK Invited Presentation
Bright Red Publishing Digital Zone passes 5,000 registration target, with Biology out in-front
IntroductionThe Bright Red Publishing Digital Zone, which has involved a unique collaboration between researchers at Edinburgh Napier University and Bright Red Publishing, aims to create an extensive Web-based environment for pupils and teachers for the new N5 (CfE) curriculum in Scotland.
02/03/2014 Media and Outreach Activity
Seminar: Thinking outside the Internet: From DIY networking to interaction design. Panayotis Antoniadis, ETH Zurich
The potential of local DIY networks operating outside the public Internet is still an open and challenging problem in terms of technical feasibility, potential applications and usability, their connection to the physical space, and their social and political implications.
21/02/2014 15.00: room D40, Merchiston Seminar
Advanced Language Translator and Speech Processor goes Live for N5 French
IntroductionThe collaboration between Edinburgh Napier University and Bright Red Publishing continues to showcase the unique partnership. Overall, after just a few months, the N5 Digital Zone has almost 5,000 registered users, including pupils and teachers, with the most popular subjects being...
18/02/2014 Other News
Michael Smyth gave a presentation entitled "Urban Interaction Design :: How I learnt to get out of the office and appreciate the city" to the Participatory Information Technology (PIT) Research Group at Aarhus University.
18/02/2014 Aarhus University, Denmark Invited Presentation
The purpose of this seminar is to build a highly diverse community of researchers, engineers, practitioners, and artists, interested in the potential of user-owned networks to encourage face-to-face communication, information sharing, and exposure to diversity in modern cities, toward high-level...
19/01/2014 Germany Invited Presentation
Future Cities is an emerging topic that bridges from computer science to urban planning and development, and to social and political issues related to city life, citizenship and sustainability. Also given labels such as 'Smart Cities' and 'Smart Citizens', this is a topic of rising socio–economic...
09/01/2014 Glasgow Invited Presentation
Michael Smyth gave an invited talk entitled "UrbanIxD :: Urban Interaction Design"
09/01/2014 Glasgow Invited Presentation
Title: Urban Interaction Design: addressing future, hybrid cities through critical design ABSTRACT: This talk will present the work of the UrbanIxD project's interdisciplinary summer school that took place in Croatia in August 2013.
03/12/2013 St Andrews University Invited Presentation
Michael Smyth examines PhD entitled 'Generating Consumer Experience Research within a Large Organisation' at the University of Dundee.
27/11/2013 Dundee, UK External Examiner
Edinburgh Napier hosted the 6 month review of the FI Star project 18 - 20 November. The project received and very positive review.
25/11/2013 Other News
FI Star presented at the (huge) EU ICT conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.
25/11/2013 Media and Outreach Activity
David Benyon and Tom Mcewan attended the world usability day event at Standard Life, Edinburgh
14/11/2013 Other Event
UrbanIxD project organised a networking session at ICT2013 In Lithuania.
Identifying challenges for the human-centred networked city.Conference attendees visited the open session at the networking booth to contribute to our collection of research challenges for the future of Urban Interaction Design.
07/11/2013 7th November 2013, Lithuania Other Event
UrbanIxD project exhibit at ICT 2013 in Lithuania
Exhibition Title: UrbanIxD: Urban Interaction Design: The human-centred networked city Over 5000 attendees visited the EU ICT conference in Vilnius, where the UrbanIxD project exhibited the work of the project. The UrbanIxD FET Open Project ( is re-thinking what intelligent...
06/11/2013 6th - 8th November 2013, Lithuania Exhibition
David Benyon and Aurelien Ammeloot had a poster and a stand at the SICSA Demofest event in Glasgow. They were demonstrating the Jupiter Artland app.
05/11/2013 Media and Outreach Activity
David Benyon and Serkan Ayan had a poster and stand at the SICSA Demofest event on Serkan's work on digital tourism.
05/11/2013 Media and Outreach Activity
David Benyon attended the SICSA workshop on Smart Cities in Glasgow.
05/11/2013 Other News
Simon Duke from Innovation Digital in Glasgow visited to discuss user experience education.
01/11/2013 External Visitor
Presentation at Computing in Schools Scotland Event Highlights Possible Weakness in University Engagement with Schools
At a presentation at the Computing at Schools Scotland (@CompAtSch) conference at the University of Glasgow on 26 October 2013, a poll of the audience found that the engagement between schools and universities was either no existent or very little.
27/10/2013 Other News
Educational Web Site goes live for Curriculum of Excellence
The first stage of a collaboration on the Digital Zone between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University is now complete with the release of the Web content for N5 Computing and N5 Maths books: The collaboration aims to integrate fully with the printed...
25/10/2013 Other News
Presentation at This Happened, Edinburgh
Michael Smyth presented some of the Design Fictions produced as part of the UrbanIxD summer school that was held in Split, Croatia at the end of August (
25/10/2013 Inspace, Edinburgh Invited Presentation
Collaboration with Bright Red Publishing brings Innovative  Web-based Learning to the Next Generation
Outline Next week will see the first stage of the roll-out of the results of a collaboration between Bright Red Publishing, Escrivo and Edinburgh Napier University on transforming the way that pupils learn in Scotland. The Web site fully integrates the new range of N5 (Curriculum of Excellence)...
11/10/2013 Other News
Dr Oli Mival is Demo Chair at ITS 2013
Dr Oli Mival is Demo Chair at this year's Interactive Tabletop and Surfaces Conference in St Andrews. This is the first time ITS has been in Europe and the keynote this year is Jeff Hann, the founder of Perceptive Pixel and TED speaker who brought the concept of multi-touch to the wider audience in...
07/10/2013 St Andrews Conference Organisation
Designing the Jupiter Artland App, an AmbITion Scotland project
In the Spring of 2013, Dr Oli Mival secured AmbITion Scotland funding in collaboration with Jupiter Artland, a sculpture park on the outskirts of Edinburgh, to develop an iOS app to enhance the visitor experience. Using geotriggering, the app provides an intuitive, novel and powerful way to learn...
02/10/2013 Developed Software
David Benyon and Oli Mival made an extended visit to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, NY to work with industry, students and faculty members on a variety projects related to digital tourism.
27/09/2013 Invited Presentation
IIDI are very excited to be working with CGI (formally Logica) to design their new innovation centre in their London headquarters. They approached Dr Oli Mival to design and help deliver the space and will be integrating some cutting edge technologies into their world class innovation process to...
10/09/2013 Other News
Media Coverage of the UrbanIxD Summer School in Split, Croatia. Organised by Michael Smyth (Co-Director) and Ingi Helgason (School Organiser).
The final exhibition of the UrbanIxD Summer School was reported in Slobodna Dalmacija, a Croatian national newspaper.
01/09/2013 Media and Outreach Activity
UrbanIxD project meeting with the mayor of Split, Croatia
The mayor of Split in Croatia met with members of the UrbanIxD FP7 project on the 28th August 2013. The project was hosting an international summer school in the city for early career interaction designers and researchers. The mayor expressed support for the summer school as a positive model of...
30/08/2013 Split, Croatia. 28th Aug Media and Outreach Activity
Prof K Mitchell to give Keynote talk on Augmented Reality at Eurographics UK.- in Bath on the 5th September 2013. Details of the conference can be found at
07/08/2013 Keynote Speaker
UrbanIxD Summer School to take place in Croatia
UrbanIxD Summer SchoolTheme: Designing Interactions in the Networked City The UrbanIxD project Summer School to take place in the beautiful and historic town of Split in Croatia. This will be an interdisciplinary, workshop style, event hosted by the Department of Visual Communications Design, Arts...
07/08/2013 Split, Croatia :: 23rd Aug - 1st Sept 2013 Conference Organisation
UrbanIxD project Exhibition and Networking event accepted for ICT 2013 - Create, Connect, Grow
More than 4000 researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry representatives, young people and politicians are expected in Vilnius. The event will focus on Horizon 2020 - the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for 2014-2020
07/08/2013 Vilnius, 6-8 November, 2013 Exhibition
Open City Infrastructure session video Usman Haque (Haque Design + Research) / Martijn de Waal (UrbanIxD) / Scott Cain (Technology Strategy Board) How can cities develop their own data infrastructure and systems, going...
07/08/2013 March 21st, 2013, Manchester, UK Other Event
Professor David Benyon will give the closing keynote lecture at the 27th International British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Conference. The conference theme is the 'Internet of things' and Prof Benyon will present his talk on 'Spaces of Interaction'.
28/06/2013 Keynote Speaker
Senior staff from the Jaguar Rover Group, UK visited the Interactive Collaborative Environment (ICE) at Edinburgh Napier's Merchiston campus in early June to discuss possible collaborations with the Centre for interaction Design on developing interactive meeting room environments at Jaguar/Rover.
28/06/2013 June 2nd 2013 External Visitor
CM2000 electronic Time & attendance monitoring equipment & New Technology opportunities visited Profesor Benyon to discuss possible university collaborations.
28/06/2013 6th june 2013 External Visitor
Profesor David Benyon visited Prism technologies in Stirling to discuss possible collaborations between the Centre for interaction Design and the company.
28/06/2013 12th June 2013, Stirling Other Event
Profesor David Benyon gave an invited presentation to the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) PhD student conference. He talked on the topic of writing the PhD.
28/06/2013 Stirling 12.06.13 Invited Presentation
Michael Smyth is one of three keynote speakers at the 4 day workshop entitled Space.Beyond.Geometry that will take place at Edinburgh University between 18 and 21 June, 2013. His presentation entitled "Postcards from the City :: Interaction Design in a Post IT Age" will be part of the...
18/06/2013 Invited Presentation
Michael Smyth along with colleagues from Glasgow and Dundee will act as a Faculty member for the annual SICSA Multimodal Interactions Doctoral Consortium. This will take place at the University of Stirling on 11 June 2013. PhD students from Dundee, Edinburgh Napier and Glasgow will participate in...
11/06/2013 Conference Organisation
David Benyon was co-organiser of a workshop on Blended Interaction that was held as part of the prestigious CHI2013 conference
28/05/2013 27/04/2013 Paris Conference Organisation
Having served on every British HCI conference committee since 2001, co-editing in 2005, 2007 and 2010, Tom has been invited to be one of the editors of this year's proceedings. This is in addition to his role as co-Chair for Works in Progress.
24/05/2013 Brunel University, 9-13 Spetember, 2013 Editorship, Journal Reviewer
The Centre for interaction Design had a stand at Digital Scotland on 22nd May. Opened by Deputy First Minister, Nichola Sturgeon, Digital Scotland attracted over 400 delegates from across Scotland to discuss the digital future of Scotland.
22/05/2013 Heriot Watt University Media and Outreach Activity
David Benyon attended an event run by the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) in collaboration with Museums and Galleries Scotland to discuss ideas fo novel interactive applications for smart tourism.
22/05/2013 Museum of Modern Art Media and Outreach Activity
Along with colleagues from the UrbanIxD project a successful Special Interest Group was run at CHI13 in Paris.
01/05/2013 Invited Presentation
Dr Michael Smyth presented a talk entitled "What makes a city smart? Interaction design and the future hybrid city" at the Visioning Urban Futures Conference. The conference was organised by the Scottish Cities Knowledge Centre, and took place in Edinburgh on 17th April 2013.
17/04/2013 Edinburgh Invited Presentation
UrbanIxD project advisory board member serves on panel at the FutureEverything conference
UrbanIxD Advisory Board member Martijn de Waal (The Public Matters), is representing the UrbabIxD project at a panel session at FutureEverything this week in Manchester. The title of the session is Open City Infrastructure, and de Waal will participate alongside Usman Haque (Haque Design +...
21/03/2013 Invited Presentation
David Benyon and Tom McEwan hosted a visit from representatives of the Royal Bank of Scotland on 4th March for a round table discussion on biometric methods of authentication, and possible collaborative activities.
04/03/2013 External Visitor
Tech-Talk: Designing trajectories in a large-scale permanent augmented reality installationStuart Reeves (Research Fellow at Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham) Abstract This talk describes a long-term naturalistic study that reveals how artists designed, visitors...
01/02/2013 2pm-3pm, H18 Seminar
IIDI will host the kick-off meeting of the UrbanIxD project this week on 23rd and 24th January. Visiting the Institute will be Martin Brynskov (Aarhus University), Gianluca Zaffiro (Telecom Italia) and Oleg Suran (University of Split).
21/01/2013 23/01/2013 External Visitor
This interview was broadcast in January 2013 as part of a regular arts programme on Croatian National Television. A recording of the whole programme can be found here, but unfortunately this cannot be viewed on Napier's network.
16/01/2013 Media and Outreach Activity
IIDI's Interactive Collaborative Environment (ICE) profiled in Communications Business Solutions Magazine
IIDI's Interactive Collaborative Environment (ICE) is profiled in the October/November/December 2012 issue of Communications Business Solutions Magazine (p. 11). The article outlines the capabilities of the space, and the expertise within IIDI which brought it to fruition.
21/11/2012 Media and Outreach Activity
Michael Smyth invited to speak at the University of Split, Croatia
Dr Michael Smyth has accepted an invitation from the Department of Visual Communications Design at the University of Split, Croatia to deliver a guest lecture. Entitled What makes a city smart? Interaction Design and the future hybrid city, Dr Smyth's presentation on 6th December 2012 will...
19/11/2012 Split, Croatia Invited Presentation
On October 31st Professor David Benyon will give a talk on Urban Informatics at the Smarter Cities Conference at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. For further information please see:
15/10/2012 31/10/12 Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh Invited Presentation
This interaction design workshop, at NordiCHI 2012 in Copenhagen, will address the question of how we, as individuals, might gain value from the exchange of data on a near-future urban setting. Together with a rapid ethnographic study of data exchange, the workshop will adopt a critical design...
14/10/2012 Copenhagen, Denmark Other Event
David Benyon participated in the Digital Tourism workshop in Venice
30/09/2012 Venice Other Event
Phil Turner & Susan Turner are co-chairs for ECCE 2012, the annual European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics
ECCE, the annual conference of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics, is hosted this year at Edinburgh Napier University. Our theme is 'Re-thinking cognition' and our keynote speakers are Professors Yvonne Rogers, Philippe Palanque and Mike Wheeler.
28/08/2012 28 - 31 August 2012, Edinburgh Napier University Conference Organisation
Astra Zeneca ICE, designed by Dr Oli Mival, goes online.
Astra Zeneca approached Dr Oli Mival and the Future Interactions network to help design and develop their meeting rooms and collaboration spaces. The first of these spaces went online this week! Based on the design philosophy behind the ICE (Interactive Collaborative Environment), the room is the...
07/08/2012 Media and Outreach Activity
David Benyon has been invited to present his work on Blended Spaces at a workshop on Human-Computer Confluence organised by the Austrian Computer Society in Vienna on 14th and 15th May. Full details of the event are available at
23/04/2012 Vienna 14/5, 15/5 Invited Presentation
IIDI has been successful in obtaining funding for a new collaborative project with ArtMag (Scotland's largest circulation art magazine) supported by the SFC Innovation Voucher Scheme.
13/04/2012 Other News
IIDI to exhibit at Digital 2012
The Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation will be exhibiting at Digital 2012 on Friday 30 March at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow (SECC). Digital 2012 is Scotland’s leading conference for the digital, creative and cultural sectors, from organisers Interactive...
20/03/2012 Exhibition
David Benyon and Phil Turner have been invited to present keynote papers at the Human-Computer Confluence Summer School in Milan in July 2012. For further details please see the summer school web pages.
20/02/2012 Keynote Speaker
Dr Oli Mival invited to produce the video for National Museums Scotland's Fascinating Mummies exhibit.
In 1857, Scottish archaeologist Alexander Rhind excavated this mummy, now in the collection of National Museums Scotland. The mummy has never been unwrapped; instead, medical CT scanning was used to investigate inside the wrappings.
13/02/2012 Other News
Critical Design :: Restoring a Sense of Wonder to Interaction Design - Presented at Interaction12, Dublin, Ireland - 4 Feb, 2012
Paper presented at Interaction12 Will the promise of Critical Design deliver after the disappointment of ethnography? Interaction Designers expected ethnography to reveal rich insights that would inform the creation of better products, services and experiences.
06/02/2012 4 Feb, 2012 :: Dublin, Ireland Invited Presentation
Paper Presentation at Interaction12, Dublin, Feb 2012
Paper entitled Critical Design : Restoring a sense of wonder to Interaction Design at Interaction 12.
01/02/2012 Dublin, Ireland Invited Presentation
David Benyon has agreed to be External Examiner at York University on their Masters course in Human-Computer Interaction
10/01/2012 External Examiner
ISPR2011 the International Conference on Presence research will take place at Edinburgh Napier University's Craighouse campus 26 - 28 October 2011. The final programme is now available Highlights of the conference include invited...
26/10/2011 All day, Craighouse Campus Seminar
Art-science: reflections on the interface between arts and sciences Dr Dave Murray-Rust, University of Edinburgh Abstract At present, there is a lot of interest in inter- and trans-disciplinary work between arts and sciences. Often, the impetus for this comes from the artistic sphere, as ways to...
14/10/2011 Seminar
Design is grounded in observation and through that seeks to articulate our needs, desires and expectations in products and services. But what happens when we need to extend that horizon in order to identify emergent themes? How do you begin to design concepts when you don’t know what the design...
28/09/2011 Invited Presentation
Visitors from logica came to look at the ICE and discuss possible collaboration.
26/09/2011 External Visitor
ACM Interactions magazine features exhibits from Create10 conference held at Edinburgh Napier University
ACM Interactions Magazine
26/09/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
New Project -  21Nine Advertising & Design Ltd
IIDI has been successful in obtaining funding for a new collaborative project with 21Nine Advertising & Design Ltd supported by the SFC Innovation Voucher Scheme.
08/09/2011 Funding
Critical Design :: Is it just designers doing ethnography or does it offer something more for Interaction Design? Panel at Interact 2011, Lisbon
More information about the Panel This panel will explore whether Critical Design offers new insight as a method for articulating future interactions. Will its promise deliver or are Interaction Designers destined to experience the same feeling of disappointment that HCI practitioners felt after the...
07/09/2011 Seminar
David Benyon attended the FET Robot Companion Flagship meeting in Barcelona
05/09/2011 Other Event
BCS ITNow magazine leads with IIDI member's reflections on Kinect
ITNow, the monthly magazine circulated to 80,000 members of BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, leads with a two-page piece from Tom McEwan reflecting on Microsoft's Kinect and the lessons we can draw for future interaction technology innovations
22/07/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
For designers, attempting to respond to unknown design spaces can be a daunting task. This paper describes a series of workshops that presented rapid ethnographic design methods in city streets as a way of exploring human behaviours, and recording their traces.
07/07/2011 Seminar
Tom follows up the successfull UXCF2010 with a more focused event intended to identify a common university curriculum in UX (user experience) to meet the rapid increase in demand for UX professionals
28/06/2011 Conference Programme Committee
After two years, in his second stint as a member of the board of ScotlandIS (the trade body for ICT in Scotland), Tom announced at the recent board meeting that he would be standing down, due to the pressure of his increased involvement in BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.
28/06/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
Tom McEwan and Kevin Chalmers (programme leader for BSc Games Development) travelled to Dundee on 16th June to attend a regional networking seminar organised by TIGA, the body which represents the Games Industry. They made a number of industrial contacts as well as noting the cogent suggestion by...
28/06/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
Tom McEwan will reflect on "Interaction as a craft, HCI is the discipline, UX is the profession" as part of the tenth annniversay HCI Educators workshop within HCI2011, on Thursday 7th July. Tom recently indicated that he would stand down as Chair of BCS Interaction Specialist Group due to...
28/06/2011 Keynote Speaker
Tom McEwan hosted the Scottish national committee of BCs, the Chartered Institute in IT, in the ICE (see Eight participants were physically present while another two joined the meeting via videoconferencing.
28/06/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
The Springer journal popularly known as IwC, with a 5-year impact factor of 1.911, is one of the leading international journals for Human Computer Interaction. Tom has recently been invited to review several papers for it, joining IJHCS, IJTHI, JCAL, HuCOM, IJIE, HHCI for which Tom either reviews...
28/06/2011 Editorship, Journal Reviewer
Tom McEwan has a piece in the online edition of BCS ITNow reflecting on the technology trends that lead to and stem from consumer devices such as Microsoft Kinect
28/06/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
Create11 Symposium success at Shoreditch House, London - 23 June, 2011
23/06/2011 Conference Organisation
can be found at for June 17th.
17/06/2011 Invited Presentation
David Benyon was invited to join the FET Flagship coordination action Robot Companions for Citizens.
15/06/2011 Other News Dejan Momcilovic also talked on his work in full body animation for filmes such as Lord of the Rings and Avatar.
14/06/2011 Keynote Speaker
David Benyon met with people from Adobe, Edinburgh to discuss a TSB bid.
03/06/2011 Other Event
David Benyon and other members of CiD met ALi Bowden of the City of Literature in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh to discuss the development of a poetry garden.
02/06/2011 Other Event
David Benyon attended the kick-off meeting for the FET Flagship coordination action Robot Companions for Citizens in Pisa, Italy.
30/05/2011 Other Event
Vitali Vitaliev editor of E&T magazine visited to discuss submitting articles on CiD research activities to his magazine
27/05/2011 External Visitor
Is Pervasive Technology taking us to User Heaven or Techno Hell? Interactive Talk at the Dana Centre, Science Museum, London
A panel of experts including IIDI's Dr Oli Mival, got together in May to debate the impact of pervasive, adaptive computing. The talk, open to the public, was augmented by film footage of PerAda project researchers, and interactive voting technologies triggered audience discussion.
17/05/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
Interfacing with the City at Future Everything This workshop will address future interactions between people and the urban environment, exploring the emerging behaviours of extreme technology users as indicators of tomorrows norms.
12/05/2011 Invited Presentation Where can researchers find inspiration for the transformative applications, concepts and infrastructures that they believe will characterise the next decade? One approach to predicting the future is to reflect on the visions of the future that...
05/05/2011 Invited Presentation 7 minutes to pitch an idea to the FET folks
04/05/2011 Invited Presentation
12:00 in room C18 Informal Wednesday seminar (bring your lunch) All staff and students welcome
20/04/2011 Seminar
Talk: Emotion as Interface 19th April, 6pm ( £8 / £6 - includes a glass of wine and a chance to view the associated exhibition ) Professor Kevin Warwick Dr Jenny Tillotson Professor Nikola Serbedzija The new generation of computer systems are able to understand and alter our individual emotional...
19/04/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
This Pervasive Day Soon, wearable technology will mean that everyday items we carry on our bodies - phones, clothing and laptops - will be able to sense and alter our moods and make changes to our environments, with or without our knowledge.
19/04/2011 Exhibition
The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition 2011 is the second instalment of a new forum dedicated to frontier research in information and communication technologies. fet11 is a unique conference on visionary, high-risk and long-term research in information science and technology.
30/03/2011 Other Event
PerAda are running an exhibition at FET 2011: Learning about pervasive adaptation through art and music Fancy yourself as the next Jackson Pollock? Want to find out how music - from Mozart to Meatloaf - can affect your mood? These are just two of the interactive games, videos and interactive...
30/03/2011 Exhibition
IIDI collaboration reaches finals for prestigious award
An ambitious education project involving 60 Gaelic Medium primary school pupils from Edinburgh and Skye is being considered for the inaugural £10,000 Clore Award for Museum Learning. The Air Iomlaid (On Exchange) project was conceived by artist Julie Brook and Johnny Gailey, Programme Manager for...
28/03/2011 Other News
Azizah Jaafar visited from the National University of Malaysia. Azizah was on a whistle stop tour of England and Scotland to catch up with the best of HCI and interaction design research.
14/03/2011 External Visitor
Tom McEwan wins the LetsGetLyrical songwriting competion with a composition that incorporates aspects of HCI research about memories
The competition was part of the series of events to celebrate the UNESCO City of Literature. The event's press release provides further details: "The one-off February festival, created and run by Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature in partnership with Glasgow UNESCO City of Music, marked the launch...
01/03/2011 Award
Tom McEwan to present keynote speech at HCI Educators 2011, July 5th, University of Northumbria
Tom McEwan has been invited to provide the keynote address at the latest HCI Educators conference, which is co-located with HCI2011 this year. This will be Tom's first keynote at an international event, and his topic will be announced in the near future.
18/02/2011 Keynote Speaker
Tom McEwan invited to be Panels co-Chair for Nordichi2012
Tom has accepted the offer to become co-chair for Panels for Nordichi2012 the 7th Nordic Conference on Human Computer Interaction, to be held in Copenhagen, Oct 14-17 2012. Tom and his co-Chair Olav Bertelsen have appeared together on panels previously and share a commitment to make conference...
11/02/2011 Conference Organisation
Invited Keynote, at the Interacting in Immersive EWorlds, Brock University, Canada
David Benyon has been invited to give a Keynote Address at the Interacting in Immersive EWorlds conference in Brock, Canada June 14 2011.
03/02/2011 Keynote Speaker
Organising committee for Create11, Shoreditch House, London, 23 June 2011
25/01/2011 Conference Organisation
Moritz Waldemeyer ( announced as Keynote for Create 11, London, 23 June 2011
25/01/2011 Conference Organisation
Michael Smyth invited to lead a session at the Interaction Design Workshop, at the University of Split, Croatia in March 2011
Michael Smyth has been invited to lead a session at the Interaction Design Workshop, University of Split, Croatia, 14-19 March, 2011. (Conference web site at
19/01/2011 Invited Presentation
Oli Mival invited to consult with the FBI and Redlands Police Department in Southern California
Redlands Chief of Police Jim Bueermann discovered the work of Dr Oli Mival online and asked him to visit and advice them as they update their briefing room and information infrastructure. As the designer and creator of the the ICE, Edinburgh Napier's cutting edge Interactive Collaborative...
12/11/2010 External Visitor
Oli Mival spent a week working with the police in Redlands, CA, USA to advise them on how best to use multitouch technologies such as those in our own ICE for their incident room.
23/10/2010 Other News
Ahmed Al-Dubai is the Program Chair, the 8th International Workshop on Performance Modeling, Evaluation, and Optimization of Ubiquitous Computing and Networked Systems (PMEO-UCNS’2009), May 25-29, 2009, Rome, Italy, supported by IEEE and ACM.
04/10/2010 Conference Organisation
Ahmed Al-Dubai is the International Special Issue Journal Coordinator for organising special issue journals for three Int. IEEE conferences. · The 10th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, IEEE CIT 2010, 28-30 June, Liverpool, UK. · The 12th IEEE Int.
05/07/2010 Editorship, Journal Reviewer
Ahmed Al-Dubai is an Organising/Steering Committee Member, the 10th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, IEEE CIT 2010, 28-30 June, Liverpool, UK
16/06/2010 Conference Organisation
Ahmed Al-Dubai is the Co-Chair of the International Workshop on Design, Optimization and Management of Heterogeneous Networked Systems (DOM-HetNetS’09), held in conjunction with 38th ICPP 2009, IEEE Computer Society Press, Vienna, Austria, September 22-25, 2009.
22/09/2009 Conference Organisation
Bodies, Places and Interaction Design :: This lecture will explore how our understanding of artefacts and places are intimately connected with and through the body. Drawing from diverse fields such as skateboarding to illustrate both the nature of interaction and the re-appropriation of public...
23/05/2009 Invited Presentation
An 8 day workshop hosted as part of the Magdalena Festival, an International Festival of Creative Communication, Maribor, Slovenia
15/05/2009 Invited Presentation
18/03/2009 Invited Presentation
Ahmed Al-Dubai is Program Co-Chair, the 10th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC-08), September 25-27,2008, DaLian, China.
27/09/2008 Conference Organisation