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Areas of Expertise

The Bio-Inspired Algorithms group within the Centre for Algorithms, Visualisation and Evolving Systems is a large and thriving group with interests in nature-inspired computing that include Evolutionary Computing, Hyper-Heuristics, Artificial Immune Systems and Swarm Intelligence.


Real World Optimisation with Life-Long Learning (ROLL)
This project aims to improve the current state of the art in developing optimisation tools which are relevant and acceptable to industry. This will be achieved by addressing industrial current concerns regarding the ability of academic optimisation techniques to deal effectively with highly...
This project is being undertake in conjunction with Avant Garde Web Services Ltd. The principle aim is to support Avant Garde in the design, implementation and evaluation of an optimisation algorithm. The algorithm will form the basis of a future product offering from Avant Garde.
Research and development of an algorithm to improve the search and optimisation of suitable candidates for fulfilling short term positions within client organisations. Initial focus will be on the search for GP Locums by GP Practices.


Tessa Berg
+44 131 455
Eduardo Segredo
Senior Research Fellow
+44 131 455 2789


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