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to produce a review of the Scottish Interactive Digital Television (iDTV) pilot
HANDS: Helping Answers Decision Service
aims at validating in the European market the results obtained from the IST EDEN project which Napier was previously a partner in. Two natural language based tools developed by Italian partners under EDEN are being further developed and deployed in other public authorities and Utility companies.
The main objective of the project is to help public authority employees to design, deliver and maintain electronic services. They will do this through use of the SmartGov software platform that is being developed in the project.
e-Representative: A virtual desktop to support the mobile elected Representative
The primary focus of the “eRepresentative” package was to investigate the potential impact of a “virtual elected representative’s desktop” to support the work of elected representatives at national, regional and local level by making legislative services more effective and more tailored to meet...
EDEN: Electronic Democracy European Network
The ITC's role is to identify what officials and the public require and to evaluate the likely impact of the EDEN software toolkit. This toolkit is a set of web-based applications that use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.
Added Value Access to New Technologies and services on the Internet (IST-2000-28585). AVANTI aims to use digital avatars in public service provision, with the objective of increasing the acceptability of technology for the use of citizens.


Peter Cruickshank
+44 131 455 2309
Ella Taylor-Smith
Senior Research Fellow
+44 131 455 2392


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