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Informing the Good Society (InGSoc): New Directions in Information Policy
InGSoc (Informing the Good Society: New Directions in Information Policy) is a three-year project, funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council standard grant. The project, whose common thread is the social impact of information and technology and relevant public policy issues, has three...
Euro Petition
An EU-funded project a trans-European Local Authority e-participation service providing distributed citizen engagement and interaction with the European Parliament's PETI Petitions Committee and the European Citizens Initiative. ITC is providing the evaluation function.
The project aimed to establish a communication and information management network to increase democratic engagement in the Western Balkans. The network was managed by the National News Agencies in Albania, Macedonia and Serbia as they began to take on new roles during accession to the EU.
E-democracy Services for Highland Youth Voice
ITC are working with Highland Youth Voice (a democratically elected assembly for young people in the Highland Region) in the development of a suite of e-democracy tools for their website. The current phase of this projects runs from 2005 to 2007 and seeks to expand use and efficacy of the website:...
e-engaging young Scotland on radioactive waste management
The ITC is being funded by the Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department (SEERAD) to research appropriate tools and techniques to engage young people in their continuing dialogue on radioactive waste management.
HUWY: Hub Website for Youth Participation
The HUWY project aims to support young people’s eParticipation in policies about the Internet and its governance, through a distributed discussion. HUWY partners provide information, support and organise influential audiences for young people’s suggestions.
DEMO-Net - Network of Excellence on eParticipation
The DEMO_net Network of Excellence project aims to promote and develop, through a focussed and integrated research programme, technological and socio-technical excellence in the emerging field of e-Participation. It builds on the experience accumulated by leading European research organisations...
e-Participation Scotland Baseline
A one day event to: Bring people and organisations together and establish their current skills and needs.Share knowledge about current and future e-participation projects and opportunities; establish common and complementary areas of interest.Facilitate partner matching for future initiatives...
e-Representative: A virtual desktop to support the mobile elected Representative
The primary focus of the “eRepresentative” package was to investigate the potential impact of a “virtual elected representative’s desktop” to support the work of elected representatives at national, regional and local level by making legislative services more effective and more tailored to meet...


Peter Cruickshank
+44 131 455 2309
Ella Taylor-Smith
Senior Research Fellow
+44 131 455 2392
Colin F Smith
Senior Lecturer
+44 131 455 2774


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