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Research Activities I/Net
Information Management and Presentation for Research Activity and Related Data. A linked intranet and internet solution for the managing and presentation of data concerning the research related activties of university researchers.
TrueBuild Usable Building Regulations
The TrueBuild app is a resource delivered by Smart ‘Phone (either IOS or Android) to help builders access and interpret Building Regulations quickly and easily whilst on site.
The creation of a ‘software-as-a-service’ product to allow Client companies, or their agents, to improve their ‘Propositions’ – their own commercial offers; this is done by removing the need for ‘tweaking’ the offer’s variables Epsilon propels and accelerates the product or service into the market.
ASD Database Replacement for NHS Lothian
Build a replacement system for managing purchase approvals and authorised signatories within a large complex organisation.
Workload Allocation Modelling Management
We are developing a database driven web interface system for the University's Workload Allocation Modelling system to enable the collection and reporting of academic workload. The system enables subject group leaders and other managers to record and report on the workload of academics, their...
VDS information architecture analysis and feasibility study
VDS holds data of varying quality on volunteering opportunities, volunteer involving organisations, research, services and learning using a variety of different systems. The aim of this project is to help develop an integrated, future-proof solution.


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