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Scottish Woodlands KTP
Scottish Woodlands Ltd is Scotland's leading independent full-service forest management company. It is also the second largest operator in the UK, with a network of 17 offices operating throughout Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Exploring a data set of 13 years of data related to property lets in Scotland in order to reveal business opportunities and to communicate better with current and potential customers. This will be achieved using data visualisation and statistical data mining approaches.
This project seeks to provide the technology and software infrastructure necessary to support the next generation of evolving infohabitants in a way that makes that infrastructure universal, open and scalable. The Distributed Resource Evolutionary Algorithm Machine (DREAM) will use existing...
Developing statistical and visualisation software for the visual analysis of games meta-data
Developing Research Excellence and Methods (DREaM)
This AHRC-funded project developed a formal UK-wide network of Library and Information Science (LIS) researchers. A key goal of the project was to build capacity and capability in the development and implementation of innovative methods and techniques in undertaking LIS research.


Charley Celice
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Zhe Wang
Research student
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Peter McLaren
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Xiaosong Wu
Affiliate PostDoc Research Fellow
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