biodiversity informatics ()


Visual Exploration of Species-referenced Repositories (VESpeR)
Summary: Visualisation techniques have been recognised as one of the major directions in future research when handling and querying biological data, offering the ability to find patterns and outliers in data which traditional query interfaces cannot match.
TaxVis: Visualisation Tools for Integrating Large Alternative Linnaean Taxonomies
The TaxViz project is developing visualisation techniques for comparing multiple taxonomic hierarchies. Biological taxonomy involves the classification and naming of plants, animals and all the other living organisms on earth, however taxonomists often disagree over how the organisms should be...
TDWG Taxon Concept Transfer Schema
The Taxon Concept Modelling project is associated developing standard data models for representing taxonomic names and concepts for use in the biodiversity community. The work is associated with the Taxon Names and Cocnepts interest group of the International Taxonomic Database Working Group.
The aim of the project is to construct a database system that will meet the requirements of current taxonomy practices. In particular, it will allow taxonomists to view and explore alternative classifications. The system will support provision of single authoritative classifications for use by...
SEEK: Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge
The goals of the project are to make fundamental improvements in how researchers can 1) gain global access to ecological data and information, 2) rapidly locate and utilize distributed computational services, and 3) exercise powerful new methods for capturing, reproducing, and extending the...
TDWG Core Ontology
This project aims to progress the development of Taxonomic Concept schema (TCS) in line with Taxonomic Database Working gorup (TDWG) architecture and documentation. This work is to ensure that: Best current practice is followed in developing TDWG standardsTCS is documented according to 2006 TDWG...
Taxonomy has been described as “the science of documenting biodiversity”, which involves collecting, naming, describing, identifying and classifying specimens of organisms. Descriptions are the fundamental information units used in the process of constructing classifications and communicating...


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