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Scottish Frailty Framework with Mobile Device Capture and Big Data Integration. The proposed innovation will develop and extend the current work into Frailty, with the long term focus on encompassing not only clinical factors, but economic, environmental and social factors.
Developing statistical and visualisation software for the visual analysis of games meta-data
Returns Viz
This project aims to identify how Clear Returns could use visualisation techniques to more powerfully communicate the commercial insights they produce to a range of disparate internal stakeholders eg finance, marketing, merchandising.
CM2000 Follow On
Investigation of Big Data applied into Health and Social Care
This project will use PACT Analysis to evaluate the User Experience (UX) requirements throughout Trucomment's value chain, and identify and prioritise technical enhancements. We aim to apply emerging social media business models, UX trends for online journalism, and related issues in internet...


Tessa Berg
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Petra Leimich
Lecturer in Security and Networks
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Zhiyuan Tan
+44 131 455 2822
Lu Fan
Senior Research Fellow
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Adrian Smales
Research Fellow
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Zhe Wang
Research student
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