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Interaction Design is concerned with the design of interactive objects and spaces and with the delivery of high quality user experiences (UX). For example, expressive interaction describes the range of new forms of human-computer interaction that are made available through technologies based on...


Soluis Dome User Interface
A digital dome is a large physical object that can fully immerse one or more users and present them digital material via rear projection onto the dome’s surface. Such a system presents unique and currently unsolved possibilities for user interaction requiring more natural and ‘heads up’ solutions...
This project will use PACT Analysis to evaluate the User Experience (UX) requirements throughout Trucomment's value chain, and identify and prioritise technical enhancements. We aim to apply emerging social media business models, UX trends for online journalism, and related issues in internet...
Youth School: Donor and Beneficiary Interactions "Funding Lab"
The project will carry out a User Experience Review and Wireframe Prototype Development
This was a training programme over two half-days for a group of RBS staff, as follows: "A two half-day workshop on how to realise your UX objectives, for RBS at Dundas Street, Edinburgh. Delivered by Professor David Benyon, author of best-selling text Designing Interactive Systems (3rd Edition...


Aurelien Ammeloot
Research student
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David Benyon
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Ingi Helgason
Research Fellow
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Christoph Thuemmler
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Emidio Battipaglia
student developer
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Tessa Berg
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Kenny Mitchell
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Augoustinos Tsiros
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