Centre for Distributed Computing, Networking and Security

The Centre for Distributed Computing, Networking and Security at Napier University is a large and growing research centre with ten RAE-focused academics and many researchers. This group focuses on:

  • e-Health. This includes work on RFID in health care (especially for infection tracking), and patient-centric systems. Collaboration: NHS, and many other industry/domain partners.
  • Mobile IP. This includes the work on enhanced mobility for devices.
  • Group Communications. This includes work on effective group communications.
  • Crisis Management Systems. This involves a collaboration between the police, health care and academic on next generation crisis management systems.
  • Enhanced security and forensic computing systems. This includes enhanced dynamic performance modelling, enhanced digital forensics systems and oblivious transfer systems.
  • Patient-centric health care systems.
  • Ad-hoc routing over wireless networks.
  • Intelligent intrusion detection systems.
  • The usage of mobile agents.
  • Location-tracking of mobile devices.

At the core of its work is the successful transfer of knowledge between the research group and professionals, along with its excellent reputation for: its depth of skills; its links with industry and in enterprise; and, in its record on dissemination. It has extensive links with industry, and has developed a novel system for an agent-based system for ad-hoc routing over wireless networks, and innovative methods for device tracking and in content generation.

Presentations from recent group meetings include:

Presentations to following include:

An invited lecture talk from Prof Saleem Bhatti is at: