Centre for Interaction Design

The Centre for Interaction Design undertakes research and knowledge transfer activities on new methods of interaction design and new paradigms and modalities of interaction within a wide range of computationally enhanced environments. Currently the centre is involved in the requirements generation for a large EU funded project, FI-Star. Another major project, coordinated by Dr Michael Smyth is looking at the future of Urban interaction design.

Recently completed projects include: the Companions project that focused on the interaction design of artificial companions; Peach, a coordination action for Presence Research; Speckled Computing that looked forward to the future of ubiquitous computing and wireless sensor networks; Ensemble that looked at computationally enhanced jewellery; and personalisation of automatic teller machines. 

Recently the centre has developed significant expertise in multitouch interaction with interactive surfaces and gesture-based interaction. See the related URL http://www.futureinteractions.net for more on this. The design of soundscapes and haptic interaction are also areas of interest as is the general areas of user experience (UX). See http://www.uxstream.net. The 3rd edition of Prof Benyon's book on HCI and UX, Designing Interactive Systems is published in 2013.