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In July 2014 CEC and CISS merged to form CAVES. The new Centre brings together researchers working in a number of areas, bringing new synergies and opportunities for cross-disciplinary working. Our research is centred around the following thematic areas:Computer Games, including Augmented Reality...
The Centre for Distributed Computing, Networking and Security at Napier University is a large and growing research centre with ten RAE-focused academics and many researchers. This group focuses on: e-Health. This includes work on RFID in health care (especially for infection tracking), and...
The centre was merged with CEC in July 2014 to form CAVES. With the theme of providing novel and effective solutions for software and information systems, CISS has involved a spectrum of research areas many of which are of a multi-disciplinary nature.
Social informatics is the interdisciplinary study of the design and use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) that takes account of institutional and cultural contexts. Social Informatics research relates to the body of knowledge about the use of ICTs as influenced by institutional...
The Centre for Computing Education Research is managed by the Head of School and is the focus for a wide range of pedagogic research undertaken in the School of Computing.
The centre was merged with CISS in July 2104 to form CAVES. The Centre for Emergent Computing focuses on the development and use of biologically and socially inspired systems in which complex behaviour at the global level emerges from the interaction of large numbers of simple components, in order...
The Centre for Interaction Design undertakes research and knowledge transfer activities on new methods of interaction design and new paradigms and modalities of interaction within a wide range of computationally enhanced environments.
Information technology plays a vital role in every area of today’s industry, commerce and lifestyle. From online shopping, to mobile phones and the systems behind our healthcare and financial services, it impacts on every aspect of our lives.