Projects (Jessie Kennedy)

Biology is a visually grounded scientific discipline-from the way data is collected and analysed to the manner in which the results are communicated to others. Traditionally pictures in scientific publications were hand-drawn; however they are now almost exclusively computer-generated.
To analyse in game communications to predict engagement of players.
To develop an interactive and highly visual platform for representing, searching and filtering complex trust framework and associated rules and policies.
Develop a prototype Budget visualization tool for the Scottish Government. Specifically they wish to improve their budget briefing/analysis: · to make the budget clearer/more visual · to make the budget analysis suitable for reading on PCs, tablets and mobile devices · to develop opportunities for...
Scottish Woodlands KTP
Scottish Woodlands Ltd is Scotland's leading independent full-service forest management company. It is also the second largest operator in the UK, with a network of 17 offices operating throughout Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.