e-Placement Scotland

01/08/2014 - 31/07/2019

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The project aims to create 1500 paid placement opportunities for computing students studying in any Scottish university or college over the 5 year project.

We are also researching student, graduate and employer perspectives on work placements.

e-Placement Scotland is a SHEFC Funded Projects - Non Research project funded by SFC. Carried out in collaboration with and others. For further information please refer to http://www.e-placementscotland.com/.
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    This short project investigates the impacts of student placements from the perspectives of computing graduates, in Scotland. The aim is to gather graduate perspectives on: the impact of work experience on people’s work and working life since graduation;the placement process, with hindsight;the...
  • Associate Student Project
    Associate Students study at college (e.g. for an HND), then enter university directly into 3rd year. They are given access to university resources and academic support during their college years. The ASP team are working with partner colleges to improve students' transition from college to...
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Collaborators link icon

  • ScotlandIS
    ScotlandIS, the trade body for the ICT industry, has a remit to raise the profile of the industry, lobby policy makers on relevant issues and support our members.
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Areas of Expertise link icon

  • Computing Education
    Computing Education shares many of the same challenges of general education but it also has a few unique challenges which the researchers in this area are exploring through a range of funded projects and collaborative national and international projects.
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Project Team

Colin F Smith
Senior Lecturer
+44 131 455 2774
Ella Taylor-Smith
Lecturer/ Researcher
+44 131 455 2392
Sally Smith
Dean of School
+44 131 455 2742
Gemma Webster
+44 131 455 2667

Associated Publications

Ramirez, N., Smith, S., Smith, C., Berg, T., Strubel, B., Main, J., Ohland, M. (2016). From Interest to Decision: A Comparative Exploration of Student Attitudes and Pathways to Co-op Programs in the United States and the United Kingdom. International Journal of Engineering Education, , (), .

Smith, C., Smith, S. (2016, September). Matching and mismatch: understanding employer expectations of work placement applicants. Paper presented at ACEN, Sydney, Australia.

Ramirez, N., Smith, S., Smith, C., Berg, T., Strubel, b., Ohland, M., Main, J. (2015, ). Making co-op work: A comparative exploration of student attitudes to co-op programs in the United States and the United Kingdom. Paper presented at World Conference on Co-op and work Integrated Learning (WACE 19th), Kyoto, Japan.

Smith, S., Smith, C. (2015, June). Supporting student transitions to placement: developing a new self-identity. Paper presented at QAA Enhancement Themes, Glasgow.