Hyperlocal engagement

01/09/2014 - 31/12/2014

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A Community of Practice was found supporting the digital engagement practitioners in the neighbouring CCs, and that this is situated within a context of interested non-practitioners who share knowledge with practitioners.

However, the Community of Practice is fragile, and knowledge management is conspicuously absent. Knowledge management is also not used other CCs that have fuller suites of digital engagement channels. An action research strand showed that active use of Twitter can increase engagement with citizens, and that collaboration brings unexpected rewards.

This project investigated only one digital initiative set within one small Community of Practice. It is proposed to continue this work by investigating CCs’ digital communication across Scotland – and similar organisations in other context – starting with bringing together CC members involved in digital engagement work from across Scotland, understanding the barriers they face and the solutions they have found, and starting to build relationships that can help share good practices.

This led to digital engagement workshops in January 2015 (funded by Napier's public engagement budget - final report is in the resources section below) and the #digiCC workshops in October-November 2015.

Hyperlocal engagement is a Research Councils project funded by Communities and Culture Network. Carried out in collaboration with and others. For further information please refer to http://www.communitiesandculture.org/projects/hyperlocal-government-engagement-online/.
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Project Team

Peter Cruickshank
+44 131 455 2309
Bruce Ryan
Research Associate
+44 131 455 2723

Associated Publications

Cruickshank, P., Ryan, B. (2015). The Communities of Practice model for understanding digital engagement by hyperlocal elected representatives. In: Tambouris, E., Janssen, M., Wimmer, M. (Eds.) Electronic Government and Electronic Participation, 22, () ( ed.). (pp. 11-18). : . IOS Press.