08/12/2008 - 25/03/2010

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Sponsored by a SMART Grant from Scottish Executive, the project aims to achieve a commercially capable component adaptation prototype tool via market-informed research and development. A company has been started as the vehicle to carry out the commercialisation activities. Our vision is to make the flexiCAGE™ company a recognised leader in the provision of automated component adaptation and integration tools that facilitate the fast and cost effective development of software applications. We will accomplish this vision by developing and marketing software which offers superior value to our customers across all business sectors and geographies and through continually innovating and enhancing our product offerings. The flexiCAGE™ technology has been developed with funding support from Scottish Enterprise under its well established Proof of Concept programme, followed by a further PRP grant. Based on successful diligence assessments, the project has now been awarded a Scottish Government SMART Award.
FlexiCAGE is a Government Research Grants project funded by Scottish Enterprise. Carried out in collaboration with and others. For further information please refer to http://www.flexicage.com.
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    The institute's expertise in software engineering encompasses the entire development lifecycle, and we focus on developing the approaches and tools to improve the engineering process of both emerging and widely used software systems.
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Xiaodong Liu
+44 131 455 2747

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