Resources (Bio-inspired Computing)

A vehicle routing demonstration Resource
An organisation must make visit to a number of customers across a city. Each customer has a time window within which they must recieve their visit. How do we visit customers whilst minimising the following Vehicles requiredCO2 produced Total distance travelled This demo showcases some of our areas...
Routing for Santa Resource
Santa has to visit thousands of houses across the world in the shortest possible time. Finding a short route is not as simple as you might think, for 10 visits there would are 3,628,800 different routes, for 50 houses there are 304140932017133780436126081660650000000000000000000000000000000 routes.
Our work with EnviroDigital... Resource
Envirodigital is a lighthouse brand,guiding SMEs and micro enterprises in an ecologically sustainable direction. Based in Edinburgh, Envirodigital seeks to encourage the combination of digital technology and creative innovation to help businesses reduce their own, and their customer’s energy and...