Services for Industry

We work with clients across all industry sectors, including Financial Services, Manufacturing & Logistics, Health, Digital Markets, Life Sciences, Energy and the Public Sector. We not only have computing expertise, we also understand our clients, the sectors they work in and the challenges they face.
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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Institute provides opportunities for personal, professional and business development. Our exciting CPD programmes are designed to meet the needs of individuals working in business, industry and the public sector. We offer a flexible range of formats from seminars and very short courses to credit-rated and award bearing programmes. These can all be undertaken at the Institute, in the workplace or at an off-site location. 

If you have an IT-related executive education need, chances are we can help.

Knowledge Exchange and Technology Transfer

The Institute's strategy is to optimise the benefits arising from the intellectual assets created by its staff and students. We will interact with business to enable the utilisation of our knowledge and expertise. 

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)
Aimed at enabling businesses to improve their competitiveness, a KTP partnership with us will enable your business to access key skills and expertise. Delivered by a carefully selected project associate, our award winning KTPs vary in length from 10 weeks to 3 years depending on the needs of the business and the desired outcome.

Innovation Vouchers
Innovation Vouchers provide funding so that Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Scotland can work with an external expert for the first time, gaining new knowledge to help their business innovate, develop and grow.


Consultancy and Contract Research

Our consultancy teams combine state of the art expertise with practical business experience. IIDI consultants not only meet your requirements for scientific and technical skills, but also to promote your strategic goals, market inputs, concept development, efficiency enhancement and business growth. From industry to government, we can help you utilise today‚Äôs computer technology for tangible and lasting benefits. A team with the expertise you need. 

Postgraduate Recruitment

For businesses and organisations in search of highly talented people with plenty of ideas, energy and practical skills, IIDI can help. We attract the highest calibre PhD students to our research programmes with many seeking careers in industry. We have a number of ways to connect you with our research students, whether through on-campus recruiting, job postings or educational presentations at Institute events. We encourage you to contact us as you plan your recruiting strategy.


For IIDI corporate relationships are a vital link for bringing industry perspective to academic programmes, identifying emerging areas of research and securing essential funding for research and equipment.

Whatever the challenge you face, we can bring the right people together in a multidisciplinary team to help you tackle it.

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Innovation Vouchers with IIDI Resource
Information on working with IIDI, including key details of the Innovation Voucher scheme to help build the relationship.