Corporate Sponsorship

The success of the Institute is dependent on establishing partnerships with industry, government, professional associations, industry bodies and individuals. For IIDI corporate relationships are a vital link for bringing industry perspective to academic programmes, identifying emerging areas of research and securing essential funding for research and equipment.

When you give to IIDI, you become a stakeholder in every success, discovery and innovation developed by our researchers and students. Your investment in IIDI can support academic programmes and research, or help improve our facilites.
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Our Business Development Executive will assist you and your company in building a strategic partnership with IIDI in areas such as sponsored research, student recruitment, technology transfer, continuing & executive education and philanthropy.
Sponsorship of IIDI can develop along many paths. Companies can become involved and collaborate with the Institute through vehicles such as research projects, membership in our research centres, student recruitment and support.
Philanthropic support is essential to the success of the Institute. Funding from government and foundations has provided core support for the Institute. However, private philanthropy will allow us to implement innovative new programmes and new multidisciplinary research initiatives in emerging fields that are not currently supported by the federal government or foundations.
Potential benefits to your business from engaging philanthropically with the University include: 
  • Alignment with and delivery against your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Corporate Community Investment (CCI) agendas; 
  • Potential corporation tax relief (please check with your expert tax advisors); 
  • Raise your profile with senior University decision makers, as well as staff and students; 
  • Increase employee motivation and satisfaction.

Please contact our Business Development Execuitve, Sharon McGettrick on +44 (0)131 455 2946 or or use out contact form for further information.