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G2G3 develops and licenses Simulation, Serious Gaming and Gamification technologies that drive learning, communications and benefit realization for enterprises. They have significant experience in developing and deploying contextual simulations for global enterprises, offering highly-interactive and immersive business experiences which create a holistic understanding of transformation and immediate realization of the benefits that best practices and technologies can offer organizations. This unique experiential learning approach uses gaming dynamics to mirror interactions between IT and the business, from both a strategic and operational perspective. G2G3 leverage Serious Games to ‘bring to life’ potentially complex concepts such as cloud, virtualization, transformation, ITIL and more, for the purposes of awareness, orientation, education and marketing. The virtual nature of serious games can provide an exciting way to communicate content, perform training, model infrastructures, visualize processes and much more.
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Collaborative Projects

Symposium on Cyber Security
Aim and Scope of Symposium This symposium aims to bring together knowledge from many different domains in order to create knowledge exchange and collaborative infrastructures, which address the key cyber risks that Scotland and the UK faces.