British Library

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The British Library receives a copy of every publication produced in the UK and Ireland.
Each year, six million searches are generated by the British Library online catalogue and nearly 400,000 people visit the Reading Rooms.
Over 100 million items have been supplied to users all over the world
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Collaborative Projects

Developing Research Excellence and Methods (DREaM)
This AHRC-funded project developed a formal UK-wide network of Library and Information Science (LIS) researchers. A key goal of the project was to build capacity and capability in the development and implementation of innovative methods and techniques in undertaking LIS research.
Library and Information Science Research Coalition
The broad mission of the LIS Research Coalition was to facilitate a co-ordinated and strategic approach to LIS research across the UK. Professor Hazel Hall, Director of the Centre for Social Informatics, was first seconded to lead the implementation of the LIS Research Coalition in 2009/10.
Research in Librarianship - Impact Evaluation Study (RiLIES1)
The aim of RiLIES1 was to explore the impact of funded research projects on actual library practice, including the extent to which research output influences services delivery. (A follow-on project - RiLIES2 - used the findings from RiLIES1 to build resources...