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The Edinburgh Institute is dedicated to improving leadership and management through practice-based learning. Whether you are part of a global company, an SME or an individual learner, we aim to make you a better leader or manager.

Festival & Event Management:
We draw upon Edinburgh’s tradition of hosting international festivals and events to offer a full range of research, knowledge, consultancy and teaching services in this growing field of management. We draw upon senior past and present Edinburgh Festival staff to work in Canada, Australia, Dubai, the UK and Asia-Pacific - helping other cities learn how to run successful festival and major events.

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Collaborative Projects

Research Activities I/Net
Information Management and Presentation for Research Activity and Related Data. A linked intranet and internet solution for the managing and presentation of data concerning the research related activties of university researchers.
Impact-Kit (Festival)
Develop web interface for toolkit developed by Edinburgh Institute for Festival & Event Management (part of the business school of Edinburgh Napier University)