Refocussing a information system strategy

The Business Challenge

Starting in 2009, ALISS has been developing a platform to make information about local sources of support more accessible, in order to help people in Scotland make informed choices about and manage their health and wellbeing within their own communities.  At its heart is a piece of technology called the ‘ALISS Engine’ which holds an index of pointers towards resources. This can be contributed to and consumed by all sorts of organisations, groups, and individuals. With the substantial prevalence of long-term health and well-being conditions amongst Scotland’s population, there is a very large scope for this information.

However, a number of factors had led to a realisation that it was time for new look to ensure a sustainable information architecture and ongoing  development strategy . 

The Solution

As part of review of the ALISS system in order to advise on required development to meet programme objectives in scaling provision across Scotland.

Our role was to clarify the options available so that the stakeholders could take considered decisions which will sustain the project over the next stages in their development.

Our approach was inspired by the approach to IT leadership in the COBIT framework. We structured our work around three broad categories:

  1. Offering a stable, resilient system and service
  2. Development of functionality to meet stakeholder requirements
  3. Managing the strategic and governance issues that arise

Taking this structured approach allowed gaps and issues to emerge; risk assessments could be used to prioritise the issues to be addressed.

The result was a report with 42 detailed recommendations addressing all aspects of information system strategy.

Partnership Benefits

The recommendations from the Napier University Review of the ALISS engine underpinned the work package to develop the ALISS engine into a robust and scalable market ready product.

Funding was secured by ALISS in October 2013 from the Scottish Government Digital Directorate to initiate this work, which was completed in 2016.

Quotation The work your department carried out for ALISS was significant, and helped ALISS move forward during a particularly difficult time: for that we are immensely grateful. - Jane Ankori, ALISS Progamme Director, April 2016

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Project Team

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