Mountain Bike Coaching App

The Business Challenge

As one of the few full time mountain bike coaching companies in the UK, Dirt School can deliver an experience that can't be replicated. Dirt School staff have spent years finely tuning their mountain bike courses and their delivery techniques to guarantee customers are safer, faster and able to have more fun on the bike.

Dirt School sought expertise from IIDI to develop a digital application, integrating video analysis software and comparative analysis techniques, that will allow riders to compare their performance against predefined examples of correct technique in mountain bike riding.

One of the most important features that Dirt School required was the ability to playback video in slow motion and frame by frame. This was important as they wanted users to be able to see exactly where they were going wrong or right, and they would be able to view the video at a speed that suited them. They also required users to be able to upload their own videos, lasting up to 30 seconds.

The Solution

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Branding and corporate identity is very important to Dirt School. They have a strong identity within the field and they wanted their app to fit in and feel like their other products and services. This resulted in a clean, crisp and high resolution application that conveyed the high quality service that their customers have grown accustomed to.

With the application being heavily based on video content, application speed was a concern. The application needed to be as light-weight as possible in order to support the volume of media supported. This also meant developing a caching system as large portions of the applications usage would be in areas where the user has little or no service. This means that videos can be downloaded over wifi or 3g in preparation and then viewed anytime.

Partnership Benefits

With an ever growing set of skills being developed for future deployment, in app purchases were a key feature that Dirt School required. This enables them to upload new content that users may download at their leisure. This allows for a revenue stream for Dirt School, and further interaction with clients.

Quotation Dirt School’s collaboration with Napier University and the students at Geared App has been a great success. We’ve benefited from a young and dynamic team who are keen to listen, learn and develop their own skill set. At the same time drawing on the great resources available through Edinburgh Napier University has proved invaluable - Chris Ball, Founding director of Dirt School

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Project Team

Ian Joshua Gordon Carson
student developer
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Lara Findlay
student developer
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Andrzej Wojciech Schmidt
student developer
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Brian Davison
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Georgios Maroulis
student developer
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