Building a data system to promote the food miles and provenance of Bay Fish & Chips co

The Business Challenge

The Bay Fish and Chips, (The Bay) has a reputation for sustainability and quality. Not only has the company won several awards for its work, it also has an established social media presence and supplier network.  The Company approached IIDI as it was looking to use digital technology to further enhance its business. 

The Solution

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The team from IIDI developed a digital platform which allows the Company to deliver information about its menu, its supply chain and simple nutritional information about the ingredients.

Partnership Benefits

The project has successfully delivered a new channel of communication between the Bay Fish and Chip shop and its customers. This community is locally concentrated, but extends around the world. The development allows community members to see the company’s supply chain as it relates to individual menu items, and simple nutritional information about the ingredients. Outwith the scope of the initial project is broader information on the company’s suppliers, more detailed nutritional data and interactive community features.

Quotation Our aim was to educate customers , suppliers and businesses and create a platform everyone can use and adopt. There was no better way to start this than with the team from IIDI at Edinburgh Napier Univeristy. - Calum Richardson, Director.

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Project Team

Brian Davison
+44 131 455 2373
Neil Urquhart
+44 131 455 2655