IPv6 Business Case Demonstrators for FarrPoint

The Business Challenge

The IPv4 Internet addressing scheme has worked well in building-up the Internet, as we know it today.  Although IPv4 has served the Internet well, IPv4 addresses are now exhausted. It is now more crucial than ever that ISPs, governments, network providers and other stakeholders embrace IPv6 the alternative addressing scheme for the Internet going forward to ensure that the innovative evolution of the Internet continues. Current adoption levels of IPv6 have been extremely disappointing and the UK is lagging behind many of its European counterparts and risk being left behind if organisations don’t take appropriate action.

The Solution

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The team from FarrPoint and Edinburgh Napier looked at creating innovative demonstrators around IPv6 in key market domains, including finance and health care.  The aim of the project was to analyse the current market place for IPv6, and build outline demonstrators around IPv6 which could showcase the technology, with a particular focus on addressing a strong business case within Scotland.

At present the work is being promoted at a range of industry engagement events. This aims to stimulate interest in the usage of IPv6 within industry in Scotland.

Partnership Benefits

The findings have allowed FarrPoint to increase the interest in IPv6 adoption by businesses by helping to articulate benefits and opportunities. FarrPoint will use the outputs from this work to increase such dialogue with Scottish businesses.

The relationship between Edinburgh Napier and FarrPoint is continuing with FarrPoint sponsoring the Cyber Risk event, hosted by the University in December 2013.  The two parties are now in discussions about the best route to take forward this successful collaboration.

Professor Buchanan comments, “FarrPoint are a perfect company for us to collaborate with, as they have an in-depth expertise with networking and engage with a range of organisations. As a forward looking company they are always looking for new areas to develop into, and to define innovative solutions to their clients. Two key areas that they see opportunities in developing ideas are in security and next generation networking, for which we can provide an extensive research background. The partnership has thus progressed from an initial Innovation Voucher provided from the Scottish Funding Council, and into a new KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) and other joint consultancy projects. With the new KTP, the partnership aims to investigate artificial intelligence methods in spotting new types of attack on computer networks, and thus provide organisations with the opportunity to sense when they are being attacked, without relying on standard signatures of malicious activity. The partnership thus bring the software development and security experience from our research group, and integrates that with the networking and business application experience from FarrPoint, to create a collaboration which has a strong scientific and technical base, along with a good business focus. We have enjoyed working with the FarrPoint team, and we can learn as much from them, as they can from us.”

Quotation “We are delighted to be working closely with IIDI as we recognise the benefits of bringing the skills of academia to the business environment, which clearly compliments our own activities. However we also want to play our part in building future skills which is such an essential building block for our economic and social development and if we can help students and employ graduates along the way, that’s fantastic.” - Dr Andrew Muir, Director

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Project Team

William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
+44 131 455 2759