Vets Now: ICT Leadership

The Business Challenge

Vets Now are a company transforming their industry with visionary leadership driving rapid business growth. Systems and processes in the company have struggled to keep up, and have become stretched to the point where they were starting to inhibit that growth. Their ICT systems in particular were unreliable and inefficient, created duplication of effort throughout the company, inaccurate and time-consuming to report from, and had a high overall high cost of ownership while delivering very little benefit. At the time of engagement a number of distinct ICT projects had been underway for some time in different areas of the business.

The Solution

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Jamie Brogan, an impartial ICT strategy specialist from Edinburgh Napier University, was introduced to Vets Now to help change both the role and perception of ICT so that it had a leading role as an enabler of growth and a driver of business improvement across the company, with technology strategy clearly aligned to fit their future business plans. This support was provided in two key phases:

1.    Supporting the Senior Management Team in aligning ICT to their business strategy, and to create an ICT vision for the company with the resources to deliver it.

2.    Mentoring the Head of ICT through development of a technology strategy for whole business, giving them the confidence and support to drive management change and lead process improvement across operational areas.

Partnership Benefits

The key outputs the team have delivered with our support to date have been:

  • Positioning the ICT team as champions of business improvement in the company by leading projects in Business Intelligence and Process Improvement.

  • Giving the ICT team the skills, insights and confidence to fulfil this role and maximise their potential in delivering company development.

  • Centralising all technology investment into a scalable ICT strategy to support growth and deliver process efficiency and reporting capability across business functions.

  • Helping to establish a framework for decision-making about ongoing technology projects in the context of future business strategy.

Quotation The focus of the engagement has not been on taking ownership of tasks and doing work for the company, it has been on providing direction and building capability by providing independent advice and opinion when needed, and objective feedback and mentoring to help the ICT team maximise their impact in the company. - Jamie Brogan, Edinburgh Napier University.

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Project Team

Stewart Bell
Affiliate Consultant
+44 131 455 6537
Jamie Brogan
Affiliate Consultant
+44 131 455 3211/07714 332082