Over 5000 gift vouchers ordered online

The Business Challenge

Stobo Castle Health Spa was in need of updating their IT Strategy.  

Stobo Castle is a business blending high quality personal customer service with a seamless booking and management systems. All designed to enhance the customer experience yet have access to vital data for cross selling and promotional purposes.

The Solution

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Through Stobo working in partnership with thier developers, sourced and introduced by our e-business adviser, they have continued to expand thier IT hardware and systems. Whilst staff were resistant to change initially they have all welcomed the business changes that were made.
Jenni added “We had lots of separate systems, many duplicating the work of others, now we have a centralised management system accessible to all members of staff.” Sharing this information has reduced our administration activities, allowed decisions to be made quicker with a greater degree of accuracy and improved our customer service".

Partnership Benefits

"We see the benefits and potential returns from our IT strategy; our business must and does compete on a global marketplace" Jenni Watts

Quotation We have seen a tremendous uptake from our web presence, indeed of the total number of gift vouchers sold 82% were through our e-commerce facility. By linking our marketing activities on and off line we are approaching 85% occupancy at the castle.” - Jenni Watts Marketing Manager at Stobo Castle Health Spa

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Project Team

Stewart Bell
Affiliate Consultant
+44 131 455 6537
Jamie Brogan
Affiliate Consultant
+44 131 455 3211/07714 332082