Researchers, Librarians and IS Workers


How can funded research projects in the domain of library and information science (LIS) influence practice in the UK?
  • What factors increase (or hinder) the impact of research findings on those who deliver library and information services?
  • What can research teams and funders do to maximise the impact of their research?
  • What are most effective communication channels between researchers, librarians and IS workers?


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Researchers and practitioners need to work together more throughout the research process -from project planning, through implementation to dissemination.
  • involve practitioners in the research process;
  • dissemination plans for LIS research take practitioner preferences into account (face to face if possible, targeted and accessible);
  • use networks;
  • more support for practitioners to engage with research;
  • involve policy-makers through launch events and stakeholder groups.


The beginnings of a more inclusive, cooperative and effective research climate, where
  • research teams and funders have a better understanding of the needs of LIS professionals
  • and librarians and information scientists are up to date on the research most relevant to their field.

Quotation Most research on LIS matters is not difficult to locate. What's missing is a culture of exploiting research to develop and improve services - Experienced consultant

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