Annual Summer School in Software Engineering for Lincrea Corporation

About Lincrea

Lincrea have about 600 employees and have offices in several cities across Japan plus an American subsidiary in New York. Lincrea offer software development, consultancy and training services to a wide cross-section of Japanese businesses. The corporation’s mission is to create highly reliable information systems that are useful to management, acknowledged in the field and sought after by clients.

Lincrea views its people as a key resource and the Summer School provides the opportunity to free some of their most talented developers from day-to-day pressures and gain experience of recent developments in software engineering practice in addition to gaining experience in a European context.  Since 2007 the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University has hosted an annual Summer School in Software Engineering for delegates from the Japan-wide Lincrea Corporation.

The Summer School

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Each course lasts eight weeks facilitating both breadth and depth of coverage. The syllabus for each summer school has been different, reflecting the changing technical context in which modern software systems are developed. Each year the School works with colleagues at Lincrea to create a demanding programme that meets the present and future technical needs of Lincrea and the specific needs and interests of the delegates themselves.

The Summer School draws on a wide range of expertise from with the School of Computing - in 2011 no fewer than ten staff from the School were involved. This  most recent summer school delivered a highly diverse range of topics and technologies including web, mobile and cloud computing  development, project management and even communications skills and business English. In addition a programme of company visits and social activities ensures that the delegates benefit as much as possible from their time in Scotland.

Partnership Benefits

The summer school provides a unique opportunity for enhancing both technical computing skills and cross-cultural understandings for both the delegates and lecturers

Quotation We have been delighted to welcome the CEO of Lincrea, Hara-san, and many senior colleagues to visit the University during the summer schools and the collaboration will be further strengthened by a visit by Edinburgh Napier staff to Lincrea in Japan in the spring of 2012. Lincrea are keen to extend the benefits of the summer school to more of their employees but also to colleagues from their customer organisations and the visit will serve as a fact-finding and marketing exercise. - Rob Kemmer

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Project Team

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