Personalised Services on ATMs

The Business Challenge

NCR has been the leading global supplier of ATMs for over 21 years. The Company wanted to grow its market share and improve profitability by helping banks to deliver differentiated services through its ATMs. This KTP was initiated to help NCR to prototype and evaluate new interactions between bank customers and ATMs, focusing particularly on services that tailor transactions to meet individual user needs.

The Solution

Under the project, the largest detailed, online, trans-national survey on consumer opinions of current and future ATM services was carried out. Responses revealed that consumers only wanted additional services that offered a clear benefit or delivered additional security. A prototype ATM was built incorporating novel personalised services. Results from the trial backed up the survey findings, indicating that consumers, particularly younger ones, accepted the use of personal information and were happy to utilise additional services, such as accessing news headlines or budgeting advice at a self-service kiosk.

The Benefits

For NCR the benefits included increased understanding of ATM usage worldwide that has identified potential for sales growth through extended ATM services. For CiD working with NCR has provided staff with the opportunity to apply user-centred design methods to the development of ATMs and financial solutions. New areas of research have been opened up, concerning the design and behaviour of avatars (screen characters), and the provision of personalized services

Quotation Edinburgh Napier is committed to help companies create usable and profitable products, and thus keeping knowledge jobs in Scotland. Engagement with major corporations like NCR is also invaluable in shaping what and how we teach - Professor David Benyon, Centre for interaction Design

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Project Team

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