Biometric Security on ATMs

The Business Challenge

ATM fraud is a large and growing problem for the financial services industry. Biometrics technologies, such as fingerprint, vein and face recognition offer great potential for NCR, by using biometric data, rather than the traditional PIN, to provide secure access to ATM and other self-service environments. The number of biometric technologies available is increasing rapidly yet few have been deployed using a user-centred approach or developed specifically for use in self-service environments.

The Solution

The Centre for interaction Design led the development of a comprehensive user-centred ‘biometrics technology evaluation framework’ which will enable NCR to reliably and consistently assess biometric technologies as they become available. Having access to such a framework will reduce the product development costs by managing the risk of user non-acceptance of products at an early stage in the development cycle.

The Benefits

For NCR the benefits included increased understanding of biometrics and ATM usage worldwide that has identified potential for sales growth through extended ATM services. For CiD working with NCR has proved a very positive experience and in 2011 the KTP associate completed his PhD based on the project work. New areas of research have been opened up concerning the design and behaviour of biometric technologies.

Quotation Edinburgh Napier is committed to help companies create usable and profitable products. Engagement with future interactions and innovative corporations like NCR is invaluable to our research and what we teach - Professor David Benyon, Centre for interaction Design, Edinburgh Napier University

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Project Team

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