Applying social network analysis (SNA) to gaming

The Business Challenge

The games industry is changing the method of distribution from retail to online. GamesAnalytics Ltd has been created to provide analytic services to improve the profitability of the games industry. Because games are now generally played online detailed event information can be collected at individual player level. This data can provide insights to optimise game play and to encourage players to play longer, invite friends to join, and make purchases within the game.There is an opportunity to apply social network analysis (SNA) into gaming to understand which players are highly influential and act as a hub around which other players associate.GA provides the Games Industry with behavioural analytics of how people play games. These insights are used to deliver personalised experiences, targeted contact strategies and improve revenues. The data from player behaviours is vast and complex. GA was seeking a partner to improve the statistical methods that can be deployed to summarize data and predict detailed behaviours.

The Solution

The visualisation component of the project was focused on developing new techniques to produce insightful pattern analysis which could be used to reduce, understand and present data.

Partnership Benefits

The scheme has resulted in great benefit to both partners *For the academics it has stimulated an exciting area of research and given some understanding of modern business. *The company has benefited from the development of analytic tools which they are already now using.

Quotation Our techniques have improved the predictive power of our modelling which in turn leads to improved player experience, greater retention, and increased revenues - Mark Robinson, COO, GamesAnalytics Ltd

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Project Team

Kevin Chalmers
Senior Lecturer
+44 131 455 2484
Jessie Kennedy
Dean of Research and Innovation
+44 131 455 2772